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Sale 54: The Winter Auction

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1922-1925 Regular Issue

Lots 514-521

Lot 514    

1923, 2¢ carmine, imperforate vertically and imperforate, full pane of 100, upper left plate no. 16269 with the left 6+ vertical rows perforated diagonally but imperf vertically, and the last 3+ rows (and the lower left stamp) completely imperforate; irregularly torn vertically between the 6th/8th rows and repaired with Bureau brown kraft tape (and along some perf separation); some light wrinkling of the imperf portion and a tear into position 30 from the right edge; full original gum and lightly hinged in the four corners only, Very Fine for this.
Scott No. 554a, 554 var.    Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.


According to a June 1977 article by Dr. Stanley B. Segal in The American Philatelist, the sheet apparently shifted, jammed and tore while being perforated horizontally. The pressman then repaired the sheet, cut it into four panes of 100 and added it to his pile of normal panes from whence it "was shipped to a post office in the South where it was purchased for $2. The how and the why of the sheet not being destroyed at the Bureau is unanswerable." None of the 2¢ stamps that were issued imperforate, Scott no. 577, were printed from plate 16269.

Realized: $2,000

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Lot 515    

1923, 8¢ Olive Green, all but perfectly centered with flawless, never hinged o.g., Extremely Fine; with 2013 P.F. Graded certificate (XF-S 95, SSV $325).
Scott No. 560    $90.

Realized: $200

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Lot 516    

1922, 25¢ yellow green, o.g., never hinged, perfectly centered amid beautifully balanced margins, bold color P.O. fresh, Extremely Fine to Superb; with 2000 P.F. certificate and 2004 P.S.E. Graded certificate (XF-Sup 95, SMQ $210).
Scott No. 568    $38.

Realized: $125

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Lot 517    

1923, $1 violet black, o.g., never hinged, perfect centering amid evenly balanced margins all around, gorgeous deep rich color, bright and P.O. fresh, Superb, a marvelous mint gem; with 2006 P.S.E. Graded certificate (Superb 98, SMQ $850).
Scott No. 571    $85.

Realized: $475

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Lot 518    

1923, $5 carmine & blue, top margin plate block of 8 with two plate numbers and arrow, o.g., never hinged, exceptional centering throughout, radiant colors on bright pristine paper, Extremely Fine and choice, a marvelous 1922 $5 plate block.
Scott No. 573    $3,000.

Realized: $1,900

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Lot 519    

1923, 2¢ carmine, rotary, plate block of 4 with star and plate number, o.g., never hinged, deep rich color, P.O. fresh, Extremely Fine.
Scott No. 579    $900.

Realized: $500

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Lot 520    

1925, 4¢ yellow brown, rotary, left margin single, o.g., never hinged, virtually perfect centering amid large beautifully balanced margin, strong bright color and P.O. fresh, Superb, arguably the most difficult rotary perf 10 issues to obtain in exceptional condition; with 2013 P.S.E. Graded certificate (Superb 98, SMQ $800).
Scott No. 585    $38.

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Lot 521    

1923, 2¢ carmine, rotary coil waste, o.g., never hinged, rich vibrant color, exceptional centering, Very Fine to Extremely Fine; with 2005 P.S.E. Graded certificate (VF-XF 85, SMQ $670).
Scott No. 595    $500.

Realized: $400

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Lots 514-521

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