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Sale 57: The Hugh V. Feldman Collection

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Lots 4359-4367

Lot 4359    

(Arkansas River Route 5999) Steamer Isabel, blue octagonal handstamp on folded bill of lading wrapper endorsed "with freight" and addressed to Waterford Plant., Arkansas River, docketed "Isabel" at lower left; some aging at left corners, F.-V.F.
Milgram No. 655    Estimate $200 - 300.

In 1848 route 5999 was contracted for the mails between Little Rock and Napoleon to Lewis Snapp of Little rock for $8,777 per annum. Neither Klein or Milgram list any vessels operating on the Arkansas River, from the cover illustrated listed as Klein 257 and Milgram 655 some of the Mississippi Name-of-Boat vessels did go onto the Arkansas. The "Isabel" was built in 1850 and lost in 1854, thus bracketing the date of this cover.

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Lot 4360    

(Cincinnati to Arkansas River) Regular Packet Emma Dean, bold strike of dark blue circular handstamp on illustrated April 21st 1852 bill of lading from Shreve, Steel & Co. showing steamboat, addressed to Van Buren Ark., which is located north of Fort Smith on the Arkansas border with the Creek Agency Indian Terr.; some light water staining, top edge reinforced with non-archival tape that should be removed, Fine and rare, ex Klein-Somdal; with 1992 P.F. certificate.
Milgram No. 406    Estimate $300 - 400.

Relatively few covers can be found being carried on the Arkansas River. The "Emma Dean" operated the trade between Cincinnati and the plantations and communities on the Arkansas River.

Realized: $190

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Lot 4361    

(Black River) Steamer Admiral, straight-line handstamp on bill of lading datelined "Orleans March 8. 1847" and endorsed "Admiral" to Maj. Liddell at Black River La.; small edge flaw, Very Fine.
Milgram No. 4    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

The Liddell family founded the Llanda Plantation on the Black River in 1813 and controlled it until the murder of Major St. John Richardson Liddell in 1870. Louisiana State University has over 6,000 items relating to the estate indicating its importance. The "Admiral" of 242 tons was built in 1843 and was lost through a collision at Clarksville Ark. in Dec. 1847.

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Lot 4362    

(Black River) Steamer Warrior, red double line oval on folded letter to New Orleans, datelined "Washata [Ouachita] County January 16, 1849", this was a letter from a plantation owner to his cotton agent, F.-V.F.
Milgram No. 1433    Estimate $100 - 150.

Realized: $75

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Lot 4363    

(La Fourche River) Dr. Batey, red oval handstamp on blue folded addressed to New Orleans La., red "New Orleans La Mar 21" cds and black "Steam 5" rating handstamp; the letter requests that the First Clerk of the Dr. Batey be given $300 for delivery at La Fourche; light toning at bottom, F.-V.F.
Milgram No. 359    Estimate $400 - 600.

The "Dr. Batey" of 281 tons built at Louisville Ky. in 1850, operating management was under the control of the New Orleans Coast & Lafource Transportation Company.

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Lot 4364    

(La Fourche River) S.B. F.M. Streck, red fancy boxed handstamp on folded letter datelined "New Orleans June 5. 1848" to Assumption La., manuscript "Streck" endorsement; some edge wear and erosion mostly at right, F.-V.F.
Milgram No. 463    Estimate $400 - 600.

No contracts existed beyond Assumption on the La Fourche River but mails were carried privately south of Assumption on the River.

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Lot 4365    

(La Fourche River) Regular Passenger & Freight Packet Dr. Batey, blue oval handstamp with matching "Dr. Batey" blue oval handstamp canceling 3¢ red Nesbitt buff entire from the Carroll Hoy correspondence to New Orleans La.; usual filing hole, Very Fine, ex-Dr. Carroll Chase, "Antoine".
Milgram No. 360 & 359 var.    Estimate $500 - 750.


Realized: $375

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Lot 4366    

(La Fourche River) Str. Mary Foley, fancy red oval intaglio handstamp on blue lined folded letter datelined "La Fourche le 12 Avril 1850" to New Orleans La., red "Paid F.A. Dentzle, Agt. P.O., N.O." oval agent handstamp, Very Fine.
Milgram No. 861    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.


No contracts were made for mails on the La Fourche River south of the Attakapas Canal at Napoleonville. Contracts were however made for Opelousas using the Teche River to New Iberia and then post road.

Realized: $800

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Lot 4367    

(Memphis-Pine Bluff-Little Rock Route 7505 & 7505a) Steamer Liberty No. 2, gold corner card on cover bearing 3¢ rose (65) tied by blue "Memphis Tenn Jan 31" addressed to Little Rock Ark., not carried by the "Liberty No. 2" but put onto a boat operating the Route 7505 contract, as date of posting was prior to Route 7505a, put off at Pine Bluff for transfer to a non-contract vessel for Little Rock, pencil "Rec'd, Feby 3 68", reverse with all-over ad promoting the Great Southern Mail Route connection that after the Civil War was routed via Memphis rather than Mobile; opened for display; some faults, F.-V.F.
Milgram No. 793 var.    Estimate $500 - 750.

In 1867, Route 7505 Memphis to Pine Bluff was contracted to N.S. Green at $15,000 a year for two trips a week. In 1868, a second contract was made with The Memphis & Arkansas River Packet Company for Pine Bluff to Little Rock as Route 7505a at $6,000 a year, also for two trips a week.

Realized: $350

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Lots 4359-4367

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