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Sale 60: The Westpex Auction

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Western Express Covers - Adams to Gregory's

Lots 683-692 Lots 693-702 Lots 703-711

Lot 703    

Everts & Co.'s Express, Feather River, blue three-line handstamp (EVS-101) on long three page 1852 folded letter to Marysville, Cal., franked with clear to large 1851, 3¢ dull red, top margin horizontal pair tied by blue "Janesville, Wi., Jun 18" cds, to Marysville and then carried north by Everts Snell most likely into Brown's Valley, "1.25" express rate applied to top of letter in pencil, Very Fine.
Scott Nos. 11A    Estimate $400 - 600.

Realized: $500

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Lot 704    

Ford & Co.'s Express (Forwarded by), blue serrated oval handstamp perfectly struck on folded letter datelined "Kingston, Sept 26th, 1851", to Sacramento City, "San Francisco, Cal., Nov 22" cds and "5" rate handstamp, manuscript "1.30" for $1.25 express fee plus 5¢ postage, ink smear at left, Very Fine, one of Only Six Known Examples of This Marking.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized: $1,100

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Lot 705    

Freeman & Co.'s Express, first period red oval handstamp (FRE-101) on very early January 29, 1851 folded business letter that was Freeman carried from Sacramento to San Francisco, manuscript "Paid 25¢" in pencil at top; file folds, Very Fine, part of the Hackett find.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

We now know that three like Freeman handstamps were used at three different locations. The red colored was used in Sacramento, black in San Francisco and a blue colored was used in Marysville all during the same period.

Realized: $210

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Lot 706    

Freeman & Co.'s Express, Oct 22, red cds on cover to San Francisco, with 1853 year docketing at left, Very Fine, one of only eight known usages of the Freeman circular date stamp, ex Clifford.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

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Lot 707    

Freeman & Co.'s Express, San Francisco, Sep 21, blue oval handstamp (FRM-103) on 1853, 3¢ Nesbitt entire to Sacramento City, second period red scroll frank (FRM-003); reduced a bit at right, Very Fine.
Estimate    $100 - 150.

Realized: $170

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Lot 708    

Gilroy and Havilah Telegraph Line, U.S. Mail Stage Via Firebaugh's…and Havila, corner card on cover addressed to San Jose, Cal., franked with 1869, 3¢ ultramarine tied by grid handstamp, matching "Visalia, Cal, Nov 29" cds alongside; cover tear at top and slight reduction at left, otherwise Very Fine, with only two examples of this very rare stage service are known and both have been out of collector hands for many years, one is posted November 21 and this example is posted November 29, both examples going to the same address in San Jose.
Scott Nos. 114    Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.

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Lot 709    

Gregory's Express Office, clear strike of 2-line handstamp on incoming folded letter to San Francisco, Cal. datelined "Glasgow, November 16, 1852" from Gibbs correspondence, docketed "Rec'd per Str. Independence, pr. Gregory's Express, 6th January 1853" inside below dateline, Very Fine and choice, ex Dale-Lichtenstein.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $375

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Lot 710    

Gregory's Express, Marysville, blue straight line handstamp and "Not Paid" with "Not" deleted in manuscript and additional blue "Paid" straight line handstamp at top right of 1852 folded letter to San Francisco, manuscript notation by Gregory's agent in Marysville, Frank Rumrill, indicates that "$300 Draft enclosed take receipt [in San Francisco] / [receipt] not given [in Marysville] Paid./F. Rumrill", letter is headed "Marysville May 29 /52" and reads in part…Inclosed please find Draft for three Hundred. I wood have sent you four only I am oblige to By a Cow for witch I will have to pay 10 & 25 at Least. I also find that we will have to have a mutch Larger stock of provition than I thort as thair ar a great many miners on arigon Crik who all want to By of us., Very Fine and rare, ex-Myerson.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Gregory's Express operated in California, between San Francisco and New York, and even beyond the United States from February of 1850 to May of 1853. Gregory's Express was in direct competition with Adams & Co. from the start and with Wells Fargo & Co. after July of 1852. Joseph W. Gregory gave up the express business and returned to the East on May 1, 1853.

After the demise of Gregory's Express, Frank Rumrill allied himself with Wells Fargo and established Rumrill's Express between Marysville and Downieville and eventually on to Gibsonville. Rumrill's Express was in competition with Langton & Co.'s Express and subsequently Langton & Bro.'s Express, which were allied with Adams. Frank Rumrill sold his Yuba River business to what was by then Langton's Pioneer Express and returned to the East to marry the sweetheart he left behind in 1855.

Realized: $800

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Lot 711    

Gregory's Express, Marysville, bold red 3-line handstamp on 1851 folded letter to San Francisco, couple vertical file folds do not detract, Very Fine, a rare marking.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $750

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Lots 683-692 Lots 693-702 Lots 703-711

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