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Sale 64: The Donald Green Collection of U.S. Private Die Medicine Stamps

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Private Die Medicine Collections

Lots 1822-1831 Lot 1832

Lot 1822    

Private Die Medicine Proof Balance, a selection of 115 items; with a nice selection of large die, plate, card & trial color proofs, including some better large die items including A.B. & D. Sands 1¢ blue trial color (RS208TC1, cat $500), Ayers 4¢ black trial color (RS10TC1, cat $300), Lawrence & Martin 4¢ blue trial color (RS161TC1, cat $500), Mette & Kanne 3¢ large die and green trial (RS180P1 & RS180TC1, total cat $575), etc., including 5 full card items and a small selection of essay items including some Helmbold essays and the 6¢ Demas Barnes unissued; some mostly modest duplication to be expected, Scott catalog in excess of $19,950 not including the essay items, overall Very Fine.
Estimate    $7,500 - 10,000.

Realized: $6,250

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Lot 1823 o   

Private Die Medicine Collection Balance, housed in specialized Mull album, nice showing of lower to mid-range value issues; includes the D. Barnes black vertical format issues, complete Barry's issues, Dr. C.F. Brown issues complete including the scarce old paper, F. Brown issues, J. Brown issues with better, complete Centaur & Crittenton issues, W. Clarke issues present, J. Curtis missing only 2¢ watermark, McLane's issues near complete, Herrick's Pills issues present, strong showing of J. Henry, good Home Bitters issues, strong showing of the Jayne & Son die cut issues, Dr. Kennedy's and Kennedy & Co. issues complete, Merchant with better, Mishler & Moody, Michel & Co. issues, Schenck issues complete, couple Swaim die cut issues, Swett 4¢ silk (cat $450), Wilson issues complete including watermark (RS270d, cat $550), etc.; condition varies with condition a bit above the norm overall, Scott cat in excess of $15,500.
Estimate    $5,000 - 7,500.

Realized: $6,000

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Lot 1824 o   

Private Die Medicine Stock & Balance, collector's stock of issues arranged on stockpages and remainder items from exhibit; stock with better items and some slightly heavy duplication at times, includes Brandeth issues, Brown's with several RS40 singles (cat $400 each) and a RS41a (cat $550), Cannon RS49c (cat $300), Hunt's Remedy issues, a run of 2¢ Crittenton issues, Herricks RS117a top margin single, run of Hull issues (many cat. $200 each), Jaynes RS148c double transfer, Mansfield varieties with better needing to be checked, Radway multiples, Swaim RS235d, items on exhibit pages including some interesting varieties including crazy perf, double transfers, pre-printing paper crease, etc.; a nice group of material, condition varies, F.-V.F. appearance overall (no photo).
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized: $5,250

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Lot 1825 o   

Private Die Medicine Imprints Balance, interesting group of 18 single items, all with partial mostly captured marginal imprints; includes Ayers RS4i corner margin single, J. Henry RS115c with partial imprint in top margin, Smith & Co. RS225b left margin single with part imprint, etc.; interesting group, condition varies, Scott cat $540+, generally F.-V.F.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $325

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Lot 1826 /o   

Private Die Medicine Multiples Balance, 65 items, mostly pairs with some additional strips and blocks; includes Crittenton 1¢ & 2¢ issues, Hall & Ruckel 1¢ & 3¢ blocks including marginal imprint, Herricks 1¢ strip and block of 4, Littlefield 1¢ silk strip with 2nd stamp showing double transfer at bottom, Lee & Osgood pair (purported to be the only known multiple), Moore's 1¢ block and 2¢ margin strip with part imprint, Vogeler block of 12, Husband strip and block of 4, etc.; many scarce multiples throughout, condition varies, generally F.-V.F.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,150

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Lot 1827 o   

Private Die Medicine Cancellations on Revenue Issues, 1862-1901, balance of over 200 items mostly arranged on stockpages with nice array companies and issues; includes Swett with "Poland's Magic Powder" mortar & pestle on 2¢ Proprietary, range of S.R. Van Duzer handstamp and printed cancels on various issues, the Burnett & Co. boxed cancel on the various proprietary issues, Fred Brown two-line cancel, Rumford straight line types, the scarce Benton's Pine Tar illustrated cancel, Osgood on the scarce #RB17c, various Walker & Taylor ad cancels, Dr. Seth Arnold types, also a nice selection of later Battleship issues, etc.; condition varies with many nice cancellations throughout, generally Very Fine appearance.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $2,600

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Lot 1828 /o   

Private Die Medicine - Spanish American War Issue Balance, collection and stock on album and stock pages; comprehensive showing of issues including the scarce blocks of 4 with lower right position blank of #RS279r, RS284p and RS303r, also includes a couple good St. Louis Provisional issues, generally Very Fine overall.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $725

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Lot 1829    

Private Die Medicine Advertising Covers, useful group of over 40 covers; includes various Merchant Gargling ad on reverse, a run of Ayer corner cards from the 1860's on, Dr. Jayne corner cards including a revenue usage enclosure, 1860's Johnston, Holloway & Cowden ad, 1870's Vogeler allover shaded ad, Herrick illustrated ad, etc.; condition mixed with some duplication, F.-V.F. overall.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

Realized: $1,050

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Lot 1830 o   

Private Die Medicine Encased Postage Balance, group of 16 different from companies including Ayers, Drake and John Brown; including #EP9, EP11 (defective, not counted), EP 13, EP15b, EP16, EP17, EP32, EP33, EP46, EP47, EP52, EP54 & EP70-EP73; mostly mica faults/damage, almost Fine overall.
Scott $10,100    Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized: $3,000

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Lot 1831

Private Die Medicine Label & Ephemera Balance, over 110 items, mostly labels created after the 1883 repealed of the Revenue Act of 1862; includes Husband labels including 25 different A.B.N.Co. specimen varieties, various F. Brown labels, Hostetter labels including plate proofs, an array of Brandreth seals, N.Y. Pharmacal Assoc. seal proofs, a unique sample essay of a cut down 4¢ Burnett issue for the John Henry labels, etc., also some package label items with Jaynes Sanative Pills wrapper (ex-Brazer, Joyce); condition varies.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,900

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Lots 1822-1831 Lot 1832

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