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Sale 67: The Westpex Sale

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1851-57 Issues

Lots 1724-1731

Lot 1724    

1851, 1¢ blue, type II, horizontal pair, margins virtually all around, tied by bold blue "Moosup Ct., Feb 14" cds on large (10½ x 8½") embossed ornamental envelope to Voluntown Ct.; includes a beautiful Keshaw/London sticker-embellished lace Valentine with small lace envelope in center; cover with light toning, Valentine with small bit of spotting, otherwise Very Fine, ex-MacBride.
Scott No. 7    Estimate $500 - 750.

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Lot 1725    

1¢ Blue, Type IV, two singles, used with 3¢ Orange Brown (10A), each cancelled by red San Francisco "9" cancellations, right 1¢ is tied, 3¢ additionally cancelled by manuscript since it appeared uncancelled, on circa 1851 buff wrapper to Northumberland N.Y., docketed "Placer Times" over top right edge; 3¢ tied by some wrinkling, minor edge wear, Very Fine and rare; with 2015 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 9    Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.


The other recorded example of the stamp prepaid 5¢ rate was from the Cipolla collection, 1851 Dec. 19 from San Francisco Cal. to Providence R.I. bearing #9 pair and #11. This rate was only in effect for 15 months, from July 1, 1851 until September 30, 1852.

Realized: $1,700

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Lot 1726    

1852, 1¢ blue, type IV, virtually four margins, tied by "Ann Arbor, Mich., Feb 14" cds on locally addressed gold gilt ornamental envelope; minor edge flaws, otherwise Very Fine.
Scott No. 9    Estimate $200 - 300.

Realized: $170

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Lot 1727    

1852, 1¢ blue, type IV, large margins to touched, tied by "Washington D.C., Oct 13, 1855" cds on blue folded part circular to Salem Mass., forwarded to Marblehead Mass. with manuscript "Ford 2c" rating for forwarding due 2¢, docketed as received Oct. 17th 1855, F.-V.F., a scarce forwarded circular use.
Scott No. 9    Estimate $200 - 300.

Realized: $160

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Lot 1728    

12¢ gray black, horiz. pair, ample to mostly large margins, deep intense color on bright white paper, tied by indistinct black cds postmarks on tissue paper cover to R.W. Meade Graham / U.S. Navy / U.S. Ship Constellation / Care of Colonel Long, U.S. Consul / Spezzia Sardinia, endorsed "Paid to England", part of flap missing and small cover tears at top, Fine, right stamp would make a very nice single.
Scott No. 17    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.

Midshipman Graham served on the Constellation in the 1850s until succumbing to typhoid fever while stationed on the ship in November 1856.

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Lot 1729    

1857, 1¢ blue, type V, vertical strip of three with imprint capture at right tied by two strikes of red "Greenwood Cal. Apr 11" cds on orange buff cover to Sacramento Cal.; reduced slightly at left, Very Fine and attractive imprint capture strip, ex-Hackett.
Scott No. 24    Estimate $200 - 300.

Realized: $450

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Lot 1730    

1859, 5¢ brown, type I, rich color, cancelled by circular grid on 1858 blue folded cover to Sydney, Cape Breton, matching "Philadelphia Pa. Sep 6" octagonal datestamp, endorsed "From Boston to Halifax by Steamer", reverse with "Boston Br. Pkt. Sep 8" exchange cds with matching "10" due handstamp, reverse with Halifax 'U.States' (9.9) transit and North Sydney (9.11) arrival cds, large manuscript "8" pence due rating ties 5¢; letter removed, Very Fine, ex-Gibson.
Scott No. 29    Estimate $400 - 600.

Realized: $400

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Lot 1731    

1857, 10¢ green, type IV, rich color and clearly showing recut at top, tied by blue waffle grid cancel on fresh cover to Pennsylvania, matching "Marysville, Cal., Paid By Stamps, May 19" blue cds (YUB-870, R5), with original 1860 enclosure mentioning Washoe as the new mining region, Very Fine, a choice California usage; with 2001 A.P.S. certificate.
Scott No. 34; $2,500    Estimate $500 - 750.

Realized: $850

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Lots 1724-1731

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