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Sale 74: The Westpex Auction

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Monterey - Early Documents & Letters

Lots 813-822 Lots 823-829

Lot 813    

(Monterey) 1775 (Jul.) Mission of San Carlos de Monterey, California to Mexico, two-page front and back Autograph Letter Signed by Father Francisco Palóu to Father Fray Francisco Pangua at College of San Fernando, letter concerning church business reads in part "…Through the hands of Father Fray Vincente Santa Maria I received the letter of Your Reverence of November 24, last, in which you told me you had received the letter which Don Juan Bautista de Anza brought, and that you would gladly send the power of attorney to Don Manuel de Monte Aoyda, resident of the town of San Miguel de Horcasitas. In this matter I thank you for the benefits that can come from this for the minsters of these missions, having a brother on the frontier of Sonora who aids us in the needs from which we suffer. This is the first notice I have had that the Holy Community with great wisdom has elected Your Reverence as our Guardian…I place myself from that time on in obedience to Your Reverence as one of your subjects, though unworthy, and I await your precepts and lightest wishes in order to express my complete obedience. I am grateful for your kind words and for the ardent desires you have to aid in the growth of these new missions. The knowledge I have of your well-known zeal and affection tells me this and I do not doubt that you will aid in so far as you can in their progress as well as in the great credit that will accrue to this Apostolic College. Please bear with patience the impertinences of the ministers of these missions, with which it is their custom to trouble you. They are motivated at least by the purpose of a heart-to-heart contact with their religious superior…From this Mission of San Carlos de Monterey, July … 1775"; some reinforcing and light staining, Fine.
Estimate    $7,500 - 10,000.


Father Palóu and Capt. Juan Bautista de Anza established mail service over the Anza Trail from Mission to Mission to Mexico City from Monterey in 1774 along what is now called El Camino Real. This letter refers to "that which was carried by Juan Bautista de Anza…". Francisco Palóu was a friar who founded of the S.F. mission in 1776, and the successor of Junipero Serra as president in 1784. He retired in 1785 and became guardian of S. Fernando college until his death about 1790. He is best known as the author of of the first great California biography and standard works on the early mission history, "Villa de Junipero Serra and Nolickut de las California".

Realized: $12,500

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Lot 814    

(Monterey) 1788 (Jul. 30) Mission San Carlos de Monterey to Mexico City, two-page front and back Autograph Letter Signed by Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuén to Father Francisco Palóu of Mexico City, letter concerning church business, Palóu reads in part "My most venerated Father. I passed on to all the missionaries the news Your Reverence sent me in your last very much appreciated letter of October 15, 1787. Many of them told me they had said the Mass Your Reverence asked them to say for the soul of our brother, His Excellency, the Marquis of Sonora… At present all I can say generally is that there is no lack of sites for the six missions our Reverence desires and which are absolutely necessary. Yet there is no word of the registry which should come first. I have told Your Reverence of what has been done with regard to that, and what is planned, with God's help. We will continue sending the annual inventories of the missions to the College. As for those to the government, these need not be sent in oftener than two or three years according to the royal decree of March 24…Confidentially I agreed to make a very detailed inventory of these missions the governor requested, and entrusted the job to a friend. It is good and if I can get a copy made I wall send it to Your Reverence for the information and news you would wish to have. I do not have any spare time, nor any pen but my own. Still I wish to satisfy Your Reverence to the smallest detail and I will do what I can. I wish, as Your Reverence does, that our relationships were solely with the viceroyalty. I have had a very minimal correspondence with the commandancy general in the matter of the patent for administering Confirmation. In the letter that Your Reverence sent me I see that His Lordship says I should send him the instructions Your Reverence gave for the administering of the Sacrament, and should explain why I had not sent in the patent itself. I received the letter with the superscription which I sent to Your Reverence from Santa Barbara. I have had no letter from Arispe - it has strayed or been lost as usual. What a situation! A thing which Rome grants, Madrid sends on, Mexico facilitates, and only Arispe refuses us! Since the report I gave Your Reverence l a s t month about the missions of La Purisima and Santa Barbara nothing of importance has happened up to the present, except that there has been a serious shortage of water. We have had few rains this winter. We are digging wells here at San Carlos for drinking water. The river is dry and neither the corn nor beans can be irrigated. They write me from La Purisima that the Santa Rosa River is dry but that a creek on which the mission depends has continued without failing. Thank God for that. They have 62 converts, 43 children and the rest adults; 11 marriages; and their cornfields are in good shape as are the workshops. The mission established at Encino at the same time as Santa Barbara had to be moved because of the limited area and placed at the end of the valley of San Juan Bautista toward the coast. They say it is doing well and they hope to expand it, thank God. They draw troops for it from the presidios. These escoltas of ours are of one or two men on long assignment; and we benefit from the income…There is no more news. All the fathers send good wishes to Your Reverence and I repeat I am at your higher commands. Praying that God Our Lord may keep you in his Holy Grace for many years. San Carlos of Monterey, July 30,1788"; some reinforcing and light staining, Fine.
Estimate    $6,000 - 8,000.


Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen at the Carmel Mission near Monterey California to Father Francisco Palou at the College of San Farnando in Mexico, July 30, 1778.
A very interesting and important letter documenting the state of several of the California Missions. Lasuen was head of the California Missions at the time of writing and Palou the previous head then retired to Mexico. Palou is known for being Father Serras successor but also as the author of one of the earliest histories of California.

Realized: $12,500

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Lot 815    

(Monterey) 1794 (Aug. 2) Monterey to Pueblo San Jose, blue letter in Spanish from Josef Arguello, Commandante at Monterey to San Jose declaring Diego de Borica, Colonel of Cavalry, Governor of California reading "To the Commander of the Pueblo of San Jose: The Military Command, including all of its Garrisons and all Civil Authorities are hereby ordered to recognize as the Political & Military Governor and as the Commanding Inspector of Both Californias, Lt. Colonel Don Diego de Borica. Until the new commander's arrival in the Capitol, it is understood that the present Commander, Captain Don Josef Jorquin de Arrillaga, obeying the orders that are hereby communicated, shall announce this change in command and advise me of having executed its public posting. Given under my hand in Monterey on the 2nd day of August, in the Year of our Lord 1794, Josef Arguello"; small faults and edge stain, Fine.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.


Diego de Borica replaced Jose Jorquin de Arrillago as Governor who had served April 9, 1792 to 1794. The following Missions were founded while he was governor: San Jose 1797, San Juan Bautista 1797, San Miguel Arcangel 1797, San Fernando Rev de Espana 1797 and San Luis Rev de Francia 1798. Borica established the Villa of Branciforte, Santa Cruz in 1797.

Realized: $3,000

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Lot 816    

(Monterey) 1800 (Oct. 20) Monterey to Pueblo San Jose, letter written in Spanish reading "…Manuel Gonzalez is returning to the Pueblo (San Jose), and since the Government has been advised that he be forbidden to carry any weapons at all because he shows off with them as is publicly known, you will not permit him to carry even a Belduque (Machette), and you will deal in the same way with any other person who threatens a Gentile (Indian) with any weapons and give me notice. May God Keep you many years., Monterey Oct. 20, 1800, Hermenegildo Sale" to "Sr. Sargeant Marcario de Castro", Very Fine.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

Manuel Gonzales received one of the first Land-Lot Grants in Pueblo of San Jose in 1782, thirty Varas Square. Capt. Hermanegildo Sale - a Spanish Soldier who came with the Anza Party - served as Commandante of Monterey 1784-1800. Sr. Sargeant Marcario Castro came to Alta-California in 1784 and was Comisionado of Puebloe of San Jose 1788-1807.

Realized: $2,600

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Lot 817    

(Monterey) 1810 (Apr. 10) Monterey Certificate of Retirement for J.F. Garcia, official certificate of retirement for Jose Francisco Garcia, soldier in the Calvary at the Presidio of Monterey, approved and signed by Jose M. Estudillo, Commander at Monterey and assigned to jurisdiction of the Villa de Branciforte, Fine and rare early Mexican California document.
Estimate    $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized: $1,200

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Lot 818    

(Monterey) 1836 (Apr. 12) Monterey Cal. to San Diego Cal., Letter Signed on inner leaf Nicolas Gutierrez as Governor and with "Gobierno Politico La Alta California" official seal handstamp, letter reads "If one or more of the Mission Indians emancipated by this from your charge do not comply with the prohibitions of the Laws of Secularization which is to utilize their lands or them with other work utilize them and to the community, they will be kept in their place, in which case you will bring them into obedience to the community, and you will emancipate others if they request it and that you know that they are so entitled. I tell you this in response to your visit about this subject. Nicolas Gutierrez, Gobernador, Monterey, Apr. 12 1836"; some staining, Fine.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

Nicolas Gutierrez was a Spanish Captain in the Mexican Army 1833, who came with Gov. Figueroa and was promoted the same year to Lt. Col. He was comisionado for the secul. of S. Gabriel in 1834-36, acting Com. Gne. Oct. 8th 1835 to Jan. 2nd 1836, and from that date gefe. pol. and com. gne. on Chico's departure from Sept. 6th to his own overthrow by Alvarado on Nov. 4th 1836.

Realized: $1,700

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Lot 819    

(Monterey) "Monterey October 7th 1837", dateline on folded letter addressed from Nathan Spear to Capt. Wm. C. Linte, Present, reading in part "Der Sir, as you are about visiting Oahu & Canton I have to request you will do me the favor to procure if possible & send to this place or San Francisco six Chinees…", Fine and early Chinese worker request.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $700

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Lot 820

(Monterey) 1843 Monterey - Zamporano Press, printed document, small folio headed "Sello Primero Ocho Pesos." and reading "Habilitado provicionalmente por la Aduana Maritima del puerto de Monterey, en el Departemento de las Californias, para el as normal de millésime ochocientos cuarenta y tres. / Micheltorena. Manuel Castanares.", woodcut of the Monterey Custom House seal beneath the printed name of Micheltorena and with the holographic rubric of Manuel Castanares penned in ink beneath his printed name, Very Fine and scarce early dated Printing in California.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

Manuel Castanares was the Administrator of the Customs House at Monterey.

Realized: $750

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Lot 821

(Monterey) 1845 (Jul. 20) Thomas Larkin - John Townsend Agreement to Care for Destitute Seamen, Autograph Document Signed by Thomas O. Larkin, U.S. Consul at Monterey and physician John Townsend, two pages dated July 20th 1845, Larkin hires Townsend for term of one year of his house near the Monterey Custom House, called the Hospital etc. and "Said Townsend is to board and lodge in a suitable manner in the house during the year…as requested by me…every sick or destitude American seaman I may have in my consular charge at fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month…receiving from me extra pay for medical attendance and nursing, when required which seaman are at all times to be carefully attended to by said Townsend…"; some minor edge flaws, Fine.
Estimate    $600 - 800.

In 1844, Dr. John Townsend and party journeyed overland to California and was the first to successfully bring their wagons across the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Cabins built in the Sierras by the Murphy part were inhabited two years later by members of the ill-fated Donner party. Dr Townsend quickly established himself as a prominent California resident and served as garrison surgeon and ade de camp in Sutter's "army" during the revolt against Governor Manuel Micheltorena in 1845. He also practiced medicine at Sutter's fort in 1846 and had dealings in Benicia and Monterey. In 1846, he participated in the Bear Flag revolt and in 1847 became one of San Francisco's first Alcades.

Realized: $1,050

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Lot 822

(Monterey) "Monterey, September 20, 1846", dateline on letter from Talbot H. Green to Wm. H. Davis, concerning trade with Hawaii reading in part "Sir I have received your letters to be forwarded to Oahu by Brooklin. She will sail to morrow also…The Savannah will sail for your place on Tuesday. The U.S.S. Congress with the Commadore on board (Robt F. Stockton) will sail for your town on Thursday…", carried privately, Very Fine.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $475

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Lots 813-822 Lots 823-829

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