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Sale 85: The Westpex Sale

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Australia & Barbados

Lots 281-290

Lot 281    

Australia, 1913, Kangaroo and Map, £2 black & rose, 1st watermark, o.g., lightly hinged, a fresh and attractive stamp with great color, F.-V.F. SG No. 16.
Scott No. 15    $6,000.

Realized: $2,300

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Lot 282    

Australia, 1917, Kangaroo and Map, £1 chestnut & bright blue, 3rd watermark, o.g., hinge remnant (light gum toning at bottom), still an exceptionally well centered stamp with fresh, deep color, Very Fine. SG No. 44a.
Scott No. 56a    $3,000.

Realized: $1,900

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Lot 283    

Australia, 1928, 3d Kookaburra miniature sheet, complete sheet of 15 panes of 4, brownish o.g., rich color and remarkably intact, vertical fold, F.-V.F. SG No. MS106a.
Scott No. 95a    $2,625 for hinged.

Realized: $575

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Lot 284    

Australia, 1929, Kangaroo and Map, 10s gray & pink, Small Multiple watermark, o.g., lightly hinged, strong vivid colors, very fresh, Very Fine. SG No. 112.
Scott No. 101    $500.

Realized: $170

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Lot 285    

Australia, 1935, Kangaroo and Map, £1 gray, C of A watermark, o.g., lightly hinged, fresh with strong color, F.-V.F. SG No. 137.
Scott No. 128    $700.

Realized: $180

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Lot 286 o   

Australia, 1946, King George VI, 1½d green on 2½d red revalued entire, 1½ indicia with 6 bar overprint (type 1), on windowed entire with safety print inside and "B. Addison Pty. Ltd." corner card, canceled by neat "Sydney, Nov 10, 1946" slogan machine cancel; few minor edge nicks at lower right, Very Fine (Brusden-White #ES80, 2017 catalog AU$5,000).
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.


The 2017 Brusden-White lists only four examples of this entire, all used between November and December of 1946, with this example being a new discovery. The revalue printing was done at the Note Printing Branch in Melbourne with the 1½d die and bars printed at the same time. The revaluing of this entire was for the printed matter rate within Australia & New Zealand.

Realized: $2,000

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Lot 287 S   

Australia, Postage Dues, 1902-04, ½d-20s, Madagascar "Specimen" overprint sheet, two sheets bearing 44 first and second issue postage due issues; includes first issue ½d-8d x3 with vertical serifed overprint, second issue 5d, 1s-2s x3 with vertical serifed overprint and set of 14 of the second issue with sans-serifed horizontal overprint, all with red Madagascar circular cachet handstamp, also includes N.S.W. 9d specimen on first page, each page sign by the director of poste et telegraphes, Very Fine, a wonderful intact pair of specimen sheets.
SG No. D1s/7s, D22s//D44s    Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized: $850

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Lot 288 /o   

Australia, Postage Due, 1902-38, ½d-1½d sheet balance, group of 8 complete sheets; mint including S.G. D92, D93 x3 (each with different printer imprint) & D112, used S.G. D1 (showing various constant plate flaws), D64 & D106, mostly intact with full selvage, D92 vertically separated; few flaws, F.-V.F., a scarce group of sheets.
SG No. D1//D112    £3,150 ($4,140).

Realized: $425

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Lot 289 /   

Australia, Postage Due, 1907, ½d dull green, perf 11½x11, complete sheet of 120, o.g., mostly never hinged, full intact selvage with only minor perf separations, Very Fine, a premium intact sheet from the 1907 "Emergency" printing. Scott No. J29.
SG No. D53    £4,200 ($5,520).

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Lot 290 o   

Barbados, 1878, "Britannia", 1d on half of 5s dull mauve, straight serif on "1", right half of stamp with surcharge reading upwards (surcharge type 3b), faintly canceled, strong color, Very Fine; with 2017 R.P.S.L. certificate. Scott No. 58.
SG No. 87    £950 ($1,250).

Realized: $375

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Lots 281-290

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