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Sale 88: The Sescal Sale

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Postal History by Date

Lots 1954-1963 Lots 1964-1968

Lot 1954    

1851 3¢ Orange Brown - Postal History Collection, collection of over 190 covers, noted better includes wide variety of shades, sheet margin singles, some noted uses: Cincinnati Oh. circle of wedges; several Boston small red and black "Paid" uses; two red New York Express Mail uses; New York square grid uses, color cancels of red and blue, a "Steamboat" use; some July 1851 uses, couple nice Salem Ms. uses; advertising; etc.; mixed condition but some better items throughout, F.-V.F., viewing will be quite rewarding.
Scott No. 10/10A; $36,100 as 10A covers    Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.

Realized: $3,500

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Lot 1955    

1851-56 3¢ Issue Covers, interesting group of over 100 covers including 10 #10A covers (most plated) and over 90 #11/11A covers with many plated, includes two 10A corner margin singles used on cover, 11A tied by red Mamaroneck N.Y. oval datestamp, #11A tied by blue Waterville Conn. fancy dcds, #11 from Worcester Ms. with blue grid cancel, couple Minnesota Terr. usages, color town cancels of blue and red, many varieties incl. 20R2L two lines u.l. triangle, one line l.r. triangle, 96L5L cracked plate, 92L2L triple transfer, 95L1L five lines recut (cat $200), 70R1L d.t., 2L5 d.t., 69L3 three rows, 92L1L d.t. & line through three cents, broken frames, etc etc, few better cancels and shades, some on old 1970's auction lot cards, etc.; some mixed condition, excellent lot for specialist.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,350

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Lot 1956    

1851-57 1¢ Issue Postal History, group of 137 covers including 20 imperf covers (#7 and #9 frankings) and 117 1857 Issue perf covers, plus includes some off-cover used material including #20 pos. 32L2, range of usages including #9 on folded pamphlet, #24 on green Sabbath School Convention booklet, #24 strips of three on cover, #20 on cover; #23 on cover pos. 912L1L (cat $1,100); New York "U.S. Mail" carrier uses with strikes in red and black; usages on printed circulars, drop letters, some advertising, etc., F.-V.F.
Scott No. 7, 9, 20, 23, 24    Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized: $2,100

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Lot 1957    

1851-57 3¢ Issue Postal History - 10¢ West Coast Rate, group of 10 covers to or from the West Coast with 1¢ and 3¢ imperf or perf frankings, note #9 & #11A strip of three from Roxbury Mass. to San Francisco; #24 and #26 strip of three Philadelphia Pa. to Oroville Cal.; #24 & three #26 singles from Auburn Cal. to Shakapee Minn.; etc., F.-V.F.
Scott No. 11//26    Estimate $300 - 400.

Realized: $350

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Lot 1958    

1851-57 3¢ Issue Postal History - Carriers and Locals, group of 38 covers mostly with Bloods frankings and including a few without 3¢, noted includes Baltimore #1LB8 tied with #26; #LO2 uncancelled with #11A tied by Philadelphia cds; Boston #3LB2 used with #11A to Providence; 136L9 used with #11A to Nashville; three Boyd combo covers plus a stampless use and #20L11 use, and rest with various Blood frankings, etc., F.-V.F.
Scott No. 11/26    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $850

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Lot 1959    

1851-57 3¢ Issue Postal History - Carrier Mail, group of 38 covers with 1¢ and 3¢ frankings for the 3¢ letter rate plus 1¢ carrier fee, towns comprise Albany, Boston, Philadelphia and New York, note 1860 Boston with #26 and "Due 1 cent" straightline; Boston #24 on 3¢ star die entire to North Chatham Mass.; and a Freeport Ill. to Philadelphia with #24, #26 (2) prepaying possible 1¢ carrier fee; etc.; mixed condition.
Scott No. 11//26    Estimate $400 - 600.

Realized: $425

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Lot 1960    

1851-57 3¢ Issue Postal History - Foreign Mail, group of 13 including #11A (8) on cover to England; #9 and #11A (2) on faulty 3¢ entire to Mexico; #7, #11 (3) to Canada; #9 pair and 11 to Italy, #24 and #26 strip of three to Canada, etc.; mixed condition, F.-V.F.
Scott No. 11//26    Estimate $400 - 600.

Complete Images.

Realized: $475

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Lot 1961    

1851-57 3¢ Issue Postal History Collection, large collection of several hundred covers including some better towns, fancy cancels, forwarded uses, auxiliary markings, multiple frankings etc.; better noted includes fancy "Killingly Ct." framed octagon datestamp ties #11 on cover; "Woodville Pa." oval ties #26 on cover to Saundersville Tenn.; "E. Shelburne Mass." manuscript. postmark and fancy grid cancel ties #11A; Bucksport Me. fancy blue "Paid" grid cancel ties #11A on cover; better towns including Texas: San Augustine, Austin, La Grande "Paid 3", Arkansas: Grand Lake, Columbia, Florida: Apalachicola (2), Jacksonville (3), Warrington, Pilatka, Newnansville and Key West; college towns including University of Va. group and Randolph Macon College Va.; etc.
Scott No. 11/11A, 25//26    Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized: $1,600

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Lot 1962    

1851-57 Issue Postal History - California Mails, group of 38 including Marysville Cal. with #11A (2) tied blue fancy grids to Tolland Conn.; Columbia Cal. blue cds ties #11A pair to Harlinsburg Pa.; San Francisco Cal. with #11A strip of four to New York; Sacramento Cal. cds ties #10A pair to San Francisco; Yreka Cal. with #26 (4) to St. Louis Mo.; Michigan Bluff Cal. cds's tie #11 strip of three to Westfield Mass. and pencil "Due 1" for 10¢ rate; Marysville Cal. with #24 strip of three to Sacramento; Iowa City Cal. cds ties #32 to Topsam Me.; couple 10¢ entires, etc.; mixed condition, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $700

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Lot 1963    

1851-68 3¢ Issues Postal History, group of approx. 125 covers including town cancels, red and blue strikes, a #63, 65 NYC carrier use, large Boston "Paid" use, etc., mixed condition.
Scott No. 11//94    Estimate $200 - 300.

Realized: $270

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Lots 1954-1963 Lots 1964-1968

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