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Sale 88: The Sescal Sale

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State Postmarks - Colorado to Delaware

Lots 430-439 Lots 440-449 Lots 450-459 Lots 460-464

Lot 440    

"Canon City Col Ter, Sept 18/63", manuscript postmark with matching "Paid 3" on orange cover to Lieut. J.W. Stanton of 3rd Regiment of Colorado Volunteers, Camp Herron, Pilot Knob Mo.; corner flaws, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

This office was established in Kansas Territory December 13, 1860 and transferred to Colorado Territory in 1861.

Realized: $425

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Lot 441    

"Care Hinckley's & Co., Express, St Joseph Mo.", manuscript endorsement on cover bearing 3¢ dull red (26) tied by partial "Philadelphia Pa, May 12, 1861" octagon datestamp on buff cover "to Mountain City, J.T." (Jefferson Territory); reduced slightly at right with small nick, Fine.
Estimate    $100 - 150.

Early advertisements proudly proclaiming "Hinckley's Express Company of Jefferson Territory" gave evidence of commercial backing of the group favoring the name, Jefferson, over Colorado for the new territory. Hinckley's promotional effort certainly had some effect since covers to a number of mining camps are known with "J.T." addresses.

Realized: $90

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Lot 442    

Carson's Stage and Express Line, black and red illustrated Four-Horse Stagecoach corner card design on cover bearing 2¢ red brown (210) tied by "Leadville Colo. Feb 18, 1884" duplex to San Francisco Cal.; cover with some edge toning and reduced at right into stamp, Fine and attractive, an extremely rare corner card cover from Carson's Stage and Express Line.
Estimate    $600 - 800.

Realized: $500

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Lot 443    

Colorado City C.T. Jan 7, brownish red cds with matching strikes of target cancels tie five 3¢ rose (65) singles on yellow cover to Saint-Amand-Montrond, France at the 15¢ treaty rate, red "New York 'Paid 12' Jan 24" credit exchange cds, red Calais (2.4) entry cds and matching large "P.D." framed handstamp, reverse with transits including Paris (2.5) and Saint-Amand-Montrond (2.6) arrival cds, Very Fine, ex-Noel, Walske.
Estimate    $500 - 750.


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Lot 444    

"Colorado City C.T., Sept 17/64", manuscript postmark and matching ms. smudge ties 3¢ rose (65) on orange cover to Delaware Wis., manuscript "Delaware Wisconsin, via San Francisco, California and New York" routing endorsement at top; edge wear and reduced at right, non-contemporary notation at left, Fine and scarce territorial manuscript postmark, ex-Bauer.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

The lure of "Pikes Peak or Bust" brought early gold seekers to the foot of that mountain. Although there was no gold there, Colorado City was an access point, over Ute Pass, to the goldfields in South Park and beyond.

Realized: $290

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Lot 445    

The Colorado Stage & Express Co., Canon City, Col., bluish green allover illustrated Six-Horse Stagecoach shaded ad cover bearing 3¢ green (184) tied by four-ring target cancel duplexed with "Rosita, Colo., Nov 14, 1880" octagon datestamp to North Chili N.Y.; cover opening tears at upper right, otherwise Very Fine and rare illustrated stage coach ad cover.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

By 1880, the Colorado Stage & Express Company was running a double line of six horse Concorde coaches between Canon City, Silver Cliff and Rosita.

Realized: $260

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Lot 446    

Crested Butte and Aspen Stage Co., Six-Horse Stagecoach illustrated corner card on cover bearing 2¢ red brown (210) tied by "Crested Butte, Co., Apr 29 1886" duplex with four-ring target cancel to Rosetta Ills.; stamp flaws, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.


Realized: $1,050

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Lot 447    

Denver City, Col, Feb 17, two strikes of blue cds ties three 1¢ blue (63) singles on circa 1863 cover with preprinted address to Edwin Gould at Fort Lyon, Colorado Terr., receipt docketing; stamp faults, part of flap missing, a Very Fine and attractive.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Edwin C. Gould was a Union Army private in the 1st Regiment, Colorado Cavalry. Organized from the 1st Colorado Infantry on Nov. 1st 1862, the Regiment operated against Indians and protected stage routes. This Denver City 27mm cds is known used from Oct. 3rd 1863 to Jul. 21st 1865 according to Jarrett, pg. 46-47.

Realized: $325

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Lot 448    

Denver City, Col., Advertised, Aug 28 '65, cds with matching "Due 2" in circle handstamp, on cover bearing 3¢ rose (65), s.e. at right, tied by "Atchison, Kas Aug 8 '65" duplex to Denver City Col. T.; cover very slightly reduced at right, otherwise Very Fine, ex-Persson.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

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Lot 449    

Denver City Col, Oct 1, scarce blue duplex (Jarrett 69) ties 3¢ rose (65) on orange cover endorsed from "Camp Weld Col. Ter. Sept 28th" to Templeton Mass; reduced at right, Fine and scarce use originating at Camp Weld.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

Camp Weld was the Headquarters for the Colorado Volunteer's that defeated the Confederates in New Mexico.

Realized: $210

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Lots 430-439 Lots 440-449 Lots 450-459 Lots 460-464

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