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Live Auction

Live Auction Bidding for our auctions is available through the Core Tech bidding system. We strongly advise all clients to opt in for the email updates regarding the current sale and future sales. The email opt in options are located at the bottom of the registration form.


You will be given a bidder ID after you choose a user name and password and enter some additional information.


Participate in Live Bidding at the Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions site at Core Tech.


Use this demonstration to familiarize yourself with the Core Tech Live Bidding system.

Important: To access our Live Auction Bidding System you must update your computer by following the instructions on the linked PDF file.


In order to use the Real-Time Internet bidding system you will need to have a recent version of Java software installed on your computer. Most computers will already have this installed, but if you find that you cannot run the demonstration or Live Auction Interface, you can download the latest version free of charge from www.java.com. Core Tech Real-time internet bidding system is compatible with both a PC and Mac, however when running the Core Tech system on a Mac, the Firefox web browser must be used.

You also need the free Adobe Flash player in order to listen to the sound. Flash player is available for download on the Adobe website at www.adobe.com

Most new computers are firewall protected. If the bidder's screen is properly displayed but clicking on the 'Session Info' button results in a 'Connection Refused' message in a red square, your firewall is blocking the system. Please note that between two auctions no auction is started in the system. This will display the same message.

To configure your firewall to allow the Core Tech system to run on your computer, you need to accept the Core Tech servers and open some ports.

The Core Tech servers are:

  • www.coretech.cc for the Live Bidding
  • audio.coretech.cc for the audio

The ports to be opened are:

  • 9038 for Live auction (in TCP both ways)
  • 1935 for the sound (in UDP and TCP both ways)

As there are so many different firewalls it is impossible to give a detailed procedure to open these ports. If you are accessing the Live Auction from a large corporate or government network, there is a probability that your IT department has these ports blocked. Consult your IT department to have these ports opened.

How the Online Live Auction works:

1. Bidding starts in the auction room and the lot will be adjudicated ignoring the internet unless an internet bidder has been recognised before the hammer comes down.

2. In the event of two Internet bidders bidding at the same moment, the server accepts the first bid received and ignores the others at the same price. This explains why you may have bid but the next bid is not yours. Please bid again to have a recognized bid.

3. In the event the Internet bidder and a floor bidder bid the same increment at the same moment, the bidder first recognized by the auctioneer takes precedence.

4. Please click on the bid button as soon as possible as it may take a moment to connect to the server due to different connection speeds around the world. Once your bid is relayed, the auctioneer notes the presence of an Internet bidder and will keep the lot open to ensure you the chance to place your last bid.

5. The display will show “GOING GOING GONE” in sequence, to confirm the end of the bidding. You must enter your final bid the moment you see the first “GOING”.


1) I cannot hear the auction.

Ensure that you have the free Flash player installed. You can download the latest version from the Adobe website at www.adobe.com. Also ensure that sound is activated on your computer.

2) There is an important delay between what I see on my screen and what I hear from the auction room:

If you experience a too important delay go at the bottom of your bidder's screen where is located the 'Live Audio Control' bar. Press the 'Stop' button (the one with a square). Wait 2-3 seconds and press the 'Play' button again (the one with the small arrow). Sound will then be re-synchronised with the auction room.

3) I don't see the bidding screen - I have a blank gray screen, or I have several error messages (run time error, etc.), or I have a small red cross.

You need to download the LATEST version of Java software. Go to www.java.com and click on the "Download Now" button and follow the instructions until you get the message "Java Installed". Close and then reopen your internet browser. Go back to the Core Tech website and Log In again.

4) I have forgotten my password:

Access the Live Bidding page. You will be asked for your username and password. Click on the "Forgotten password" tab and follow the instructions. You will then be able to choose a new password. Be careful, username and passwords are key sensitive so respect upper and lower cases.

5) I log in and I have the message 'connection refused' displayed:

You are presumably using a firewall and some servers need to be allowed and some ports need to be opened. Add exceptions to your firewall for the following servers and ports:

The Core Tech servers are:

  • www.coretech.cc for the Live Bidding
  • audio.coretech.cc for the audio

The ports to be opened are:

  • 9038 for Live auction (in TCP both ways)
  • 1935 for the sound (in UDP and TCP both ways)

6) I receive a "Java Fatal Error" message after login:

Please try closing surplus browser windows and re-trying before re-installing the new version of Java.

7) I am using a Mac with Lion ( OS X 10.7 or above):

Before 10.7 Java was installed in standard on Macs. It is not the case any more. So you need to download it and install it. The download and the explanation are available on the Apple website at: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1421

Once the installation is completed please go in the Java preferences and ensure that in the 'General' tab the tick box 'Enable applet plug-in and web start applications' is ticked.

For a non-understandable reason live bidding does not work with Safari on Macs (it does with Safari on PC). This means that to use Live Bidding you need to use another browser like Firefox for example. It can be downloaded at: http://www.mozilla.org/

For other technical issues, please