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Live Auction

Live Auction Bidding for our auctions is available through the newly revised CoreTech bidding system.

We strongly advise all clients to opt in for the email updates regarding the current sale and future sales. The email opt in options are located at the bottom of the registration form.

You will be given a bidder ID after you choose a user name and password and enter some additional information.
If you have forgotten your user name you can contact us by email and we will send you your existing user name.
If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgotten Password utility where you will be asked to enter either your registered email address OR your user name.

Connect to our live bidding system by clicking here, then click on the BID LIVE button.

Use this demonstration to familiarize yourself with the Core Tech Live Bidding system.
Please note: you will need to log in, the same way you would log in to bid in a real auction.
The Demo can be accessed by clicking on the "DEMO" button above, or by going to http://rumsey.coretech.cc, then clicking on the menu "My Account" and the line "Practice Auction".


Java is no longer required. The CoreTech system has been thoroughly revised, and no longer uses Java.
You just need an up to date browser.
If you are using a Mac, please note that it is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
If you are using a smartphone or a tablet computer, it is recommended that you use the free "Puffin" web browser available on the Apple App Store, the Android Google Play Store or the Microsoft Windows Store.

How the Online Auction Works:

1. Bidding starts in the auction room and the lot will be adjudicated ignoring the internet unless an internet
bidder has been recognized before the hammer comes down.
2. In the event of two internet bidders bidding at the same moment, the server accepts the first bid received
and ignores the others at the same price. This explains why you may have bid but the next bid is not yours.
Please bid again to have a recognized bid.
3. In the event that an internet bidder and a floor bidder bid the same increment at the same moment, the
bidder first recognized by the auctioneer takes precedence.
4. Please click on the bid button as soon as possible. Once your bid is relayed, the auctioneer notes the presence of an internet bidder and will keep the lot open to give you the chance to place your last bid.
5. The display will show "FAIR WARNING", "SOLD" to confirm the end of bidding. You must enter your bid at the latest when you see the "FAIR WARNING" message coming up.


1. You cannot connect.
When you access the bidding screen you can see the connection information:

The "Network Connection" sign confirms that your computer accesses the Live Bidding server. If it is not green then you will not be able to bid.
The "Audio Connection" sign confirms that you are connected to the Audio server. If it is not green then you will not be able to listen to the auction.
If both connections are green, please ensure that you have properly logged on.
When accessing the bidding screen you have to enter your user name and password and then click the "Connect" button.

Once you are connected the "Disconnect" button appears:

If you experience trouble with one of these steps please call us or .

2. You cannot hear the sound.
Ensure that the "Audio Connection" sign is green and that you have pressed the "Play" button:

If you still do not hear the sound, please check your computer sound system.

3. For all other technical issues, please .

We wish you much pleasure and success using our Live Bidding system!