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Sale 101: The Westpex Sale

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Foreign Country Collections

Lots 2562-2571 Lots 2572-2581 Lots 2582-2591 Lots 2592-2598

Lot 2562    

Africa, Cover Collection, two small sketch books full of covers mainly related to the Boer War and World War II, an interesting array of censored and prisoner of war covers are present, plus some unusual Postal Stationery, mixed condition but well worth a look as this is a great lot for the specialist.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,700

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Lot 2563 /o   

Asia, Collection, mint and used of over a dozen countries in Minkus album, mostly mint and strong in Korea with an almost complete mint collection from 1956 onwards, includes the se-tenant blocks and strips and only missing a handful of souvenir sheets, Cambodia almost complete mint 1951-2000, Thailand from 1883-1997 with many good sets from 60-70's, Vietnam mostly mint and almost complete 1951-75, fair amount of North Vietnam, Taiwan well-filled 60-80's with many of the better sets, China mint and used 1897-1949 and some Manchukuo, mint Laos 1951-97., Mongolia both CTO and mint and not missing much from 1970-96, Japan mint and used 1874-2000, Nepal 1907-97 with a few high values, some Bhutan, etc.
Estimate    $4,000 - 6,000.

Realized: $3,500

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Lot 2564    

Australia, Dead Letter Office Mail, 1912-1980s, small collection of 27 covers with various "Dead Letter" markings or seals, majority being 1949-50s, generally F-VF with usual mixed condition due to the nature of these covers.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $90

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Lot 2565 /o   

Australia, Collection, 1913-57, mint and used old time collection on well-filled Scott pages and stock sheets, strong in KGV and Kangaroos to 10 schilling values, also airs, dues and officials, a few highlights including mint Scott #6, 11, 19-37, 69-76, 166-79, J1-6 and O5-14, used #44, 55, 127 (2) and 132 (2), better cancellations throughout, careful review recommended, owner's Scott $8,800.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $1,150

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Lot 2566    

Australia, Covers & Postal Stationery, 1950-90's, several 1,000; mint, used & CTO, much thematic value.
Estimate    $100 - 150.

Realized: $280

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Lot 2567    

Australia, Presentation Books, 207 presentation books of mint sets; including the 1996 Australian Football League issue of 16 different Booklets (#1508a-23a plus sheetlet catalog $244.); never hinged and very fine, o.g., never hinged.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

Realized: $100

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Lot 2568 /o   

Australia & States, Collection, housed in Scott album and on pages in binder; useful to to good issues dotted throughout somewhat sparse States including the N.S.W. semi-postals complete mint (B1-B2, cat $422), Australia issues with good early lower to mid value mint Roos as well as some high value used, with duplication at times, 1932 5sh Sydney Bridge used and strong later completion mixed */o, some useful covers, etc.; worth review.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,500

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Lot 2569 /o   

Austria, Collection, 1850-1918, neatly arranged on pages in four stockbooks, including mint issues usually followed by various town canceled used; starting with unused Scott #2 with cert (cat $300) with other used 1850 issues including a 1kr, following 1858-59 Josef issues used and mostly used 1863 Coat of Arms with a nice array of townmarks, 1874-80 Josef issues including coarse and fine print issues, 1883 Coat of Arms including good 50kr high value mint, following F. Josef issues with variety, 1908 Anniversary issue complete mint with a few imperf issues, 1910 Birthday issue complete mint, etc., back-of-the-book issues in similar fashion including newspapers, due, semi-postals and airmails, section of Military issues with first issues complete mint with some overprint varieties and townmarks, similar later issues including imperf, double impression, "T" overprints, proofs and townmarks including many on piece items, also an interesting section of perfins and revenues including a few on document items; worth proper evaluation.
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.

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Realized: $2,300

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Lot 2570    

Barbados, Mint Stock, stockbook loaded with sheets and blocks, over 200 different, includes a few other BWI countries; significant cat value.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $375

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Lot 2571    

Barbados, Postal Stationery Cards and Wrappers, 1885-1896, nice group of 39 on album pages arranged by town from Bridgetown to St. Peter, three with boxed "Too Late" handstamps, F.-V.F. group.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $210

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Lots 2562-2571 Lots 2572-2581 Lots 2582-2591 Lots 2592-2598

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