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Sale 35: The Autumn Sale

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Confederate States: General Issues - 1863 20¢ Green

Lots 3117-3126

Lot 3117    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green. Large margins, tied by Houston, Tex., Oct 10 cds's on cover to Sterling, Illinois with five "Adams Express Company. No. 1, Houston, Tex." wax seal impressions on reverse, manuscript $50.00 money package endorsement and "Houston Pd & Insd 1.75" express rate notation; cover slightly reduced at right, Very Fine, a remarkable express across-the-line usage by Adams Express Co. from Houston, Texas; with 1997 C.S.A. certificate.
Scott No. 13    Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized: $2,300

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Lot 3118 ()   

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green, Top Margin Vertical Pair, Trans-Mississippi Usage. Large margins to clear at bottom left, tied by "Camden, Ark., Jul 9" cds on right half of cover front addressed to McFarland, Va.; expertly restored to a cover with small part of address added at left, Very Fine appearance, a rare west to east usage of the 20¢ Green issue used to pay the 40¢ Trans-Mississippi rate, Illustrated on page 25 of Richard Krieger's The Trans-Mississippi Mails After the Fall of Vicksburg, ex Gallagher; with 1956 P.F. certificate (prior to restoration).
Scott No. 13    Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.

Realized: $4,250

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Lot 3119    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green. Ample to large margins, neatly tied by "Richmond, Va., Apr 27" cds (Powell type 6i) on cover to Drakes Branch, Va., Very Fine, a attractive double rate usage; with 1996 C.S.A. certificate.
Scott No. 13    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $600

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Lot 3120    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green. Large, full margins, tied by "Richmond, Va., Apr 28" cds (Powell type 6m) over indicia on U.S. 1860, 3¢ Star Die entire to Staunton, Va., stamp lifted and hinged in place to show indicia; missing backflap, Extremely Fine.
Scott No. 13    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $750

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Lot 3121    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green. Four large even margins, tied by "Charleston, S.C./Jun. 6" cds on buff cover to "Capt. John McCrady, C.S. Engineer Office, Savannah, Ga.", flap torn, Very Fine and attractive.
Scott No. 13    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

John McCrady, was born in Charleston, studied at Harvard and later became a professor of mathematics at the College of Charleston. He resigned his position at the outbreak of the war and became an officer in the Confederate engineers. After the close of the war, the rest of his life was academic.

McCrady is noted for his design of Fort McAllister, a Confederate earthwork fort on the bank of the Ogeechee River, which survived every attack from the sea. Fort McAllister defended the "back door" to Savannah for blockade runners. The fort survived seven attacks by Federal naval vessels, including ironclads, attempting to reduce the fort with the largest shells fired by a naval vessel in the Civil War. Additionally, he designed the fortification of Savannah, surrounding that city with an extensive ring of defenses.

Realized: $625

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Lot 3122    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green. Margins large to in at right (erosion flaws) tied by bold "Richmond, Va., Apr 27" cds on homemade cover to Captain of the Gillmor's Battalion in Woodstock, Va., with original enclosure; cover corner nick at upper right from opening, Fine; with 2001 C.S.A. certificate.
Scott No. 13    $1,250.

Realized: $130

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Lot 3123    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green. Field target canceled on small cover to Richmond, Va., officer care endorsement and pencil "26th April, 1864" receiving docketing; cover slightly reduced at left, F.-V.F.; with 2008 C.S.A. certificate declining opinion as to genuine usage, sold "as is".
Scott No. 13    Estimate $100 - 150.

Realized: $145

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Lot 3124    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ dark green. Large margins to just touching at top, bold color, tied by "Richmond, Va., Aug 15" cds (Powell type 6o) on turned cover to Charlotte, N.C., inside franked with 1862, 5¢ blue, Archer & Daly printing, two singles tied by full bold "Albany, Ga., Jul 19, 1864" cds & addressed to Richmond, Very Fine, a rare turned cover combination; signed Dietz.
Scott No. 13b+7    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized: $1,700

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Lot 3125    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ bluish green. Margin large to just in at right, tied by red "Greensborough, N.C., May 14" cds on cover to Jackson, Miss.; cover reduced at left, F.-V.F.
Scott No. 13c    Estimate $500 - 750.

Realized: $675

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Lot 3126    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ green, Diagonal Bisect. Trivial toned specks. tied by bold "Charleston, S.C./Oct. 24" cds on small cover to Anderson C.H., S.C., cover bit reduced at bottom left & slight wear, F.-V.F.; signed Ashbrook, with 2006 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 13d    $2,000.

Realized: $1,200

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Lots 3117-3126

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