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Sale 35: The Autumn Sale

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United States General Collections

Lots 3559-3568 Lots 3569-3578 Lots 3579-3588 Lots 3589-3598 Lots 3599-3608 Lots 3609-3618 Lots 3619-3628 Lots 3629-3638 Lots 3639-3648 Lots 3649-3658 Lots 3659-3663

Lot 3559 /o   

United States, Postmaster's Provisional Group. #9X1a with partial red town cancel (light pressed vertical crease) & 8 #10X1 reprint examples including block of 4 & pair.
Scott No. 9X1a, 10X1R; $975    Estimate $250 - 350.

Realized: $325

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Lot 3560 /o   

United States, Collection,1845-1945. Strong mostly used neatly arranged in Scott Specialty album, including 9X1, 1-2, most imperfs, 1857's about complete used including mint 90¢, 1861's to 90¢, grills ditto, 1869's complete, Banknotes about complete with just a couple missing; Columbians complete mint; various Bureau Issues complete used to $5; Trans-Miss complete used; 1902 used to $5; Washington-Franklins with some mint including Bluish Papers 6¢, 10¢ & 15¢ plus 13¢ used; couple perf'd 5¢ errors of color; largely mint thereafter except B-F highest values, with Kansas-Nebraska complete; Airmails all mint including C1-6, Zeppelins complete, C18 n.h. block with plate #; other back-of-the-book pretty sparse except Guam mint to $1, some Confederate issues; condition generally F-VF, few small faults no doubt, worth a careful evaluation.
Estimate    $7,500 - 10,000.

Realized: $12,500

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Lot 3561 /o   

United States, Collection, 1847-1973. Strong collection hinged in Scott Specialty album, with better classics including #1-2 & other imperfs, 1857's to #37, 1861 proofs to 90¢, used #69-72, "E & F" grill to 30¢, 1869's used 6¢ to 24¢ with both types 15¢, 1870 without grill to 90¢ with some nice cancels, 1873 to 90¢, 1879 to 90¢; mostly mint thereafter including Bank Note to 90¢, small Bank Note to 30¢, Columbians complete, 1894 Bureaus to 90¢, 1895 to 50¢, Trans-Miss complete ditto Pan-American, 1902 to 50¢, early commemoratives, nice showing of Washington-Franklins including #523-4, 547; some coils; 1922 regulars complete & later printings, Kansas-Nebraska, White Plains SS; Airmails complete including C13-15 no gum, same for Special Delivery; condition somewhat mixed with some no gum, few slightly stuck, close inspection recommended.
Estimate    $7,500 - 10,000.

Realized: $10,000

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Lot 3562 /o   

United States, Collection, 1847-1975. Carton comprising an accumulation of albums, stockbooks, glassines, with better including mint C13-15, plus C1-6 & C18 with duplication, Columbians to 30¢, Trans-Miss same, early 20th commemoratives complete sets with duplication, Wash-Franks, 1922's, Ducks, etc; used #1, 12(2), 1869's & Bank Notes including nice group of fancy cancels; large amount of face with sheets and plate blocks; detailed examination recommended.
Estimate    $4,000 - 6,000.

Realized: $9,500

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Lot 3563 /o   

United States, Collection, 1847-1972. Decent general collection 19th and 20th century mint and used on Scott album pages in a binder, nice selection of early issues, including. #1, #17, #63-72, various grilled issues, 1869s through 15 cent, Banknotes including. high values, Columbians to 30 cent, Trans-Mississippi to 50 cent, good selection of Washington-Franklins, Kansas-Nebraska complete mint, airpost features C1-6, C18, also Postage Dues, Parcel Post complete, Officials, Shanghai issues K1-14 mint, etc., owner's 2009 Scott catalog value over $26,700, condition a bit mixed, generally F.-V.F.
Estimate    $3,000 - 4,000.

Realized: $4,000

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Lot 3564 o/   

United States, Collection, 1847-1898. Neatly mounted in old quadrille page album, including #1 used (close margins) and on cover with blue town cancel (stamp close to ample margins); study of #10/11 with multiples including block of 4, pairs, #11 on cover with clear blue "South Carolina R.R." cancel; 1861 issues to 30¢ with some nice cancels; couple 3¢ covers with nice clean patriotic & a beautifully cancelled Lowell, Mich. embossed valentine cover; nice group of cancels to 10¢ value, all-over St. Mary's Academy illustrated cover with clear Notre Dame, Ind.cds on 3¢ rose; 1869 issue to 30¢ and some lovely centering and nice cancels; Bank Notes to 90¢ carmine & 90¢ purple, again with many nicely centered and interesting cancellations, and couple covers; also including a nicely cacheted 50¢ Zepp cover flown Miami-Chicago; overall a very attractive collection carefully assembled for condition, centering and postmarks, close examination highly recommended.
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized: $2,800

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Lot 3565 /o   

United States, Stamp Balance, 1847-64. Various early issues mostly used on album pages and stock cards; early imperfs including #1, #14-15 pair, #17 x2, 1857 issues including #20 on piece, #26 with rare Camp Floyd, Utah Terr. postmark, #30A x2, 33, 37 x3, 38, etc., some C.S.A. issues; condition varies.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,600

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Lot 3566 /o   

United States, Balance. Collector's accumulation of various mint and used issues on stockcards; better 19th century issues including several 3¢ rose, D. grill issues, */o Pictorials with values to 30¢ & some pleasant duplication, 3¢ fancy cancels and 1¢ re-issue, Banknotes including high values and proofs, small bureau high values, */o Columbians, selection of later EFO's, etc.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized: $2,200

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Lot 3567 /o   

United States, Balance. Approximately 50 stamps on stockcards; including used #1, mint 30¢ Columbian, 2¢ Blackjacks, etc.; mixed condition, inspect.
Estimate    $75 - 100.

Realized: $350

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Lot 3568 /o   

United States, Stock, 1851-1960. In large Elbe stockbook, most items identified, some decent classics including a few nice cancels, Bank Notes with a few NYFM cancels, Bureau Issues to $1 used, Washington Franklins with some mint, early commemoratives present including Trans-Miss, Louisiana Purchase, etc; 1930's on well represented; Airmails include **C6, few other back-of-the-book; careful evaluation required for accurate evaluation.
Estimate    $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized: $2,100

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Lots 3559-3568 Lots 3569-3578 Lots 3579-3588 Lots 3589-3598 Lots 3599-3608 Lots 3609-3618 Lots 3619-3628 Lots 3629-3638 Lots 3639-3648 Lots 3649-3658 Lots 3659-3663

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