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Sale 55: United States Postal History

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1863 20¢ Green

Lots 2399-2407

Lot 2399 /   

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, block of 4, o.g., top left stamp very lightly hinged, others never hinged, ample to large margins, bright and fresh, gum skip affecting bottom right stamp, Very Fine.
Scott No. 13    $200.

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Lot 2400    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, four margins, bright and fresh, o.g., gum skip at bottom, Very Fine.
Scott No. 13    $200.

Realized: $95

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Lot 2401 o   

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, top margin horizontal pair, neatly cancelled by "Chattanooga Tenn. Jul 19 1863" cds, rich color, couple small flaws including small thin in left stamp, Extremely Fine appearance, a remarkable use pair, ex-Caspary.
Scott No. 13    $1,900.

As a sign of rarity, the Scott catalog premium for a used stamp used from Tennessee is +$1,000. This top margin pair originally formed a used block of six with a block of four offered in Siegel Sale 980 lot 2926.

Realized: $475

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Lot 2402 o   

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, "20" Doubled, horizontal pair, positions 35R-36R, left stamp showing variety, large margins all around, particularly fresh and Very Fine.
Scott No. 13 var., 13    $345.

Realized: $100

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Lot 2403    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, Used As Fractional Currency, block of six with red manuscript "Houston Tex, July 13, 1864, Paid $120"; faults including creasing, Fine, the only recorded Texas $1.20 Fractional Currency use, ex-Bleuler.
Scott No. 13 var.    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.

Stamp Money: stamps were sold for cash or given in change at the post office, in small fractional currency form by the postmaster, would thus become a medium of exchange and receivable for stamps at the post office where they were issued or endorsed. Some Confederate postmasters issued small size, printed fractional currency notes that were redeemable at their post office.

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Lot 2404    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Dark Green, large to huge margins except just touching at bottom, sheet margin at right, rich color, light pre-use crease, used with 1863, 10¢ deep blue, both tied by "Spartanburg S.C. Apr 3" cds on circa 1865 cover with printed "State of South Carolina Head Quarters" imprint, addressed to Col. T.N. Dawkins at Unionville S.C.; light foxing along bottom, Very Fine, ex-Kohn; with photocopy of 1983 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 13b    Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Judge Thomas N. Dawkins constructed his home "Shrubs" around 1845. It was the temporary official residence of Governor Andrew Gordon MaGrath during the Confederate War. Governor MaGrath had fled from Columbia with this "scorched earth" policy. Governor MaGrath and state officials were the guests of Judge Dawkins whose house was surrounded by sentinels and a constant team of couriers to and from Broad River brought news of Sherman's movements to the Governor and his staff.

Realized: $750

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Lot 2405    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Dark Green, four margins, small tear, tied by "Richmond, Va Nov 5" cds (type 6p) on light coarse paper cover addressed to Miss Nannie M. Joyner Care G. C. Jackson Esqr, New Plymouth Lunenberg Co., Va., cover fault at bottom center, Very Fine appearance.
Scott No. 13b    $1,250.

Realized: $210

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Lot 2406    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, Diagonal Bisect, full margins, bright and fresh, tied by crisp strike of "Montgomery Ala. Aug 30" cds on turned cover to Rev. Dr. B. Manley Jr. at 96 Depot P.O., S.C., second inside use bearing 1863, 10¢ blue, large to huge margins all around, cancelled by manuscript and with matching "96 Sepr 30" postmark to Rev. James P. Boyce at Greenville S.C., 1864 docketing; sealed backflap tear, cover with small cut near stamp for display but mostly resealed, Very Fine appearance, ex-DuPuy; with clear 1988 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 13d + 12    Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.


Realized: $1,100

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Lot 2407    

Confederacy, 1863, 20¢ Green, Horizontal Bisect, lower half, tied by sharp strike of "Tyler, Tex." cds on orange turned cover to Monroe La. in care of Col. Wadley, inside use handcarried to Tyler Texas, manuscript "1865" docketing; minor edge strengthening and flap tears repaired, still Extremely Fine, a gorgeous cover, ex-Hill; signed by Dietz.
Scott No. 13e    $3,500.


Realized: $4,750

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Lots 2399-2407

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