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Sale 94: The Fall Sale

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Western Express Covers - Hunt & Hart's Warren to Wells' Moore's Flat & Eureka

Lots 511-520 Lots 521-530 Lots 531-534

Lot 511    

Hunt & Hart's Warrens Express - Paid, 50c., fancy ornate frank on 3¢ pink (U59) buff entire cancelled by manuscript "John Day Creek, Decr 4" Idaho Territory postmark to San Francisco Cal., trivial corner nick at lower right, Very Fine and rare Idaho Territory express use, ex Dale-Lichtenstein.
Thomas No. HHW-001    Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.


W. P. Hunt and Frank G. Hart combined forces and established an express service between the Lewiston and Warren mining areas in Idaho Territory. This partnership lasted a short time, possibly a year, but most likely less. Hunt continued operating and was still active as late as 1871 as W. P. Hunt's Warrens Express.

John Day's Creek was located on a tributary of the Salmon River, there is no connection to the same named area in Oregon.

Realized: $2,300

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Lot 512    

W.P. Hunt's Warren's Express - Paid, ribbon frank on 3¢ green (U84) cream entire cancelled by manuscript and circa 1871 "Lewiston Ida., May 31" cds to Almaden Cal., Very Fine and rare Idaho Territory express use, ex Dale-Lichtenstein.
Thomas No. WPH-001    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.


After the separation of the partnership of Hunt and Hart, W. P. Hunt continued to operate as an express service in the same general area of Warren, Idaho Territory. This express is believed to have operated between the Warren mining area and the river towns along the Salmon River. It may have established a run to Lewiston, Idaho Territory by a river and overland route. In 1872, the express was sold to the Baird Brothers.

Realized: $1,000

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Lot 513    

"Through Snoqualima Pass by Kitatash Express", manuscript express endorsement on lower left of cover bearing 3¢ ultramarine (114) cancelled by manuscript strokes from Kitatash Valley Wash. Terr. to Gallitan Valley, Montana Territory, "Jun 8" notation at left, accompanied by two letters from same correspondence, one datelined "At Home in Yackima County W.T., December 10, 1870" and second 1871 letter datelined "At Home in Kitatash Valley…", Very Fine and rare Washington Territory use; with 2018 P.F. certificate.
Thomas No. KIT-100    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.


Kitatash Express was a small express operation servicing early gold prospectors and farming areas that ran through the Snoqualmie Pass between King County and Yakima County, in the State of Washington. (Note: King County and Yakima County do not share a common border on current maps.).

Realized: $850

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Lot 514    

Monterey County Western Express Balance, group of 30 items; with 23 entires including three Pacific Union Express Co. usages with two different Salinas date stamps, others Wells, Fargo & Co. usages from Hollister, New Republic, Salinas/Salinas City, "Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, Cal.", Del Monte, Castroville, Bradlet and Monterey, other ephemera items including Wells, Fargo & Co receipt and letterhead letter, generally F.-V.F. or better.
Estimate    $600 - 800.

Complete Images.

Realized: $1,000

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Lot 515    

Nichols & Co.'s Express, fancy illustrated printed frank (NIC-002) on cover to San Francisco, franked with precanceled 1851, 3¢ dull red with faint red "Nichols & Co's Express, San Francisco" oval handstamp alongside; cover tone spots and missing backflap, Fine, a very rare Nichols & Co.'s Express usage with only a few known bearing their San Francisco handstamp.
Scott No. 11    Estimate $300 - 400.

C. P. Nichols and Edward Ludlow started their express in the spring of 1858, carrying mail between San Francisco and San Jose, and eventually expanding their routes northward; their distinctive express frank pictures a dog guarding a safe, sailing schooner, steam vessel and railroad train, and it was printed on plain envelopes and on 3¢ entires. Nichols & Co. eventually sold out to American Express, who adopted the same woodcut frank.

Realized: $375

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Lot 516    

Northern Pacific Express Co., San Francisco, Cal., Oct 3, 1887, purple oval date stamp (NOR-104) on 1886, 2¢ brown entire, locally addressed, with blue printed frank (NOR-002) at top, Very Fine and choice, less than a dozen examples of this frank are recorded in Thomas.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

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Lot 517    

(A.J. Oliver & Co's) Bannack City Express, tombstone handstamp boldly struck on orange 1863 cover from Bannack City, Idaho Terr. to Durand Ill. with manuscript "Brigham UT." postmark at left and matching "X" cancels 3¢ rose (65), slightly rubbed, original four-page letter datelined "Bannack City Idaho Territory May 23/63"; cover flaws and reduced at left into postmark, Fine and choice strike of the Bannack City Express handstamp, ex-Risvold.
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.


Mormon pioneer William Davis first explored the Brigham City area in 1850. He returned with his family and others a year later to create permanent homes. Brigham Young directed Lorenzo Snow to lead additional settlers to the site and foster a self-sufficient city at the site in 1853. Snow directed both religious and political affairs in the settlement, eventually naming it Box Elder in 1855. When the town was incorporated on January 12, 1867, the name was changed to Brigham City in honor of Brigham Young.

Oliver & Co. operated as a stage line and express company from 1862 until 1866 in the part of the original Idaho Territory that became Montana Territory in 1864. Oliver's Bannack Express ran overland from Bannack City (aka East Bannack) through unsettled Indian country to Utah Territory. Oliver's intent was to provide a direct connection to the Central Overland Route for letters going to and from the eastern states. The need for Oliver's service to Utah diminished when a mail contract between Salt Lake City and Bannack City was awarded in 1863.

Realized: $4,250

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Lot 518    

Pacific Express Co., Los Angeles, Oct 7, blue oval date stamp and matching "Paid" in oval handstamp on blue 1855 folded letter bearing uncancelled 3¢ dull red (11), large margins to slightly in at top, to Columbia Cal., enclosure regarding leaving to Shasta or northern mines with a lot of horses, etc., Very Fine and rare early Pacific Express Co. usage from Los Angeles, ex-Nathan.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $220

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Lot 519    

Pacific Express Co., Mok Hill, Paid, blue oval frank handstamp (PAC-102a) on 1853, 3¢ Nesbitt entire to Stockton from the Brush correspondence, with matching "Pacific Express Co., Mok Hill, May 29" oval date stamp; couple small tears at top, otherwise Very Fine, rare with only three known examples of the Mok Hill frank.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $260

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Lot 520    

Pacific Express Co., Stockton, Feb 2, sharp clear blue oval date stamp on fresh 1853, 3¢ Nesbitt entire to San Francisco, with horse and rider frank with manuscript "LR" initials of Levie Robie alongside, Extremely Fine and choice, a gem usage.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

Realized: $250

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Lots 511-520 Lots 521-530 Lots 531-534

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