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Sale 97: The Westpex Sale

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Canada to German Area

Lots 2687-2696 Lots 2697-2706 Lots 2707-2716 Lots 2717-2726 Lots 2727-2736 Lots 2737-2746 Lots 2747-2756 Lots 2757-2766 Lots 2767-2775

Lot 2687 /o   

Canada, Accumulation, 1851-1970s, accumulation with one collection on Scott pages, second on Minkus pages starting with Canada #1, #2, 18-20, 26-28, 44, 99-103, etc, early mostly used, plus loose group in dealer stock cards, etc.; some mixed condition.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $675

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Lot 2688 /o   

Canada, Federal & Province Revenue Collection, 1864-1960, and collector's stock of issues house on album and stock pages mostly in binders and in glassines; starting with virtually complete Bill issues with variety including 3rd $1 imperf pair, Gas Inspection issues near complete missing only a few of the rarities, Electric Light issues complete with variety, Electricity & Gas with better issue present and includes a complete set of the 1930 KGV issues in top margin plate blocks of six, Supreme Court issues including first issues to the $1 without control numbers, many good issues highlighted by the 1938 KGVI silver surcharge issue (FSC23) and a 1916 10¢ QV "In Prize" overprint issue (FSC29), nice range of later federal issues including good Customs, War Tax with precancels, Wine Strips, Excise, Insurance, Lock Labels, etc., Province issues with Alberta Law first issues including the fancy "L" varieties, British Columbia with well represented Law issues and Hospital Tax issues in blocks of four, Newfoundland with inland issues including the $25 slate key value and $100 KEVII second issue, Nova Scotia with Bill issues to the $2, Cape Breton with the 1904 50¢ Law stamp, and other Province issues in similar fashion, also includes some duplicate stock (some somewhat heavy), Law stamps on document, etc.; a wonderful assembly well worth proper evaluation.
Estimate    $3,000 - 4,000.

Realized: $9,500

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Lot 2689 /o   

Canada, Tobacco Related Revenue Issue Collection, extensive assembly of thousands of issues housed on stockpages, stockbooks, envelopes and glassines; from early large 1864 Tobacco Excise issues and similar later including "Caddy" and "Boxes" issues, later series bands, customs issues. bonded removal permit stamp issues, Cigarettes with Inland Revenue including issues for various major cities, small series types for cigars and cigarettes, etc.; a wealth of material, inspection highly recommended.
Estimate    $2,500 - 3,500.

Realized: $7,500

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Lot 2690 /o   

Canada, Tobacco Large & Medium Band Tobacco Revenue Issues, approximately 250 of various issues; includes Cigar, Tobacco and Snuff issues, nice range of issues throughout; condition varies but about the norm overall for these large band issues, includes some medium size bands and duplication to be expected, etc., worth proper evaluation for the tax paid specialist.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized: $1,400

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Lot 2691    

Canada & Provinces, Collection, small selection including Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Canada, note Canada: #4 used, 14-19 less 16; Newfoundland: 11A (2); Nova Scotia: #1-2 used, 8-13 unused, blocks of four: 8-9, 11 (2), 12-13, #13 on cover to London; etc.; some mixed condition.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $500

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Lot 2692 /o   

Canada & Provinces, Stock, hundreds identified in stockcards arranged in two stockboxes; starting with early classics including used #2 (thin, with cert), #4 x8 including pair, #5b (cert), #8 unused, etc., */o large & small Queens, many mint Jubilees with pleasant duplication and high values, similar Widowheads and KEVII definitives, Tercentenary set and additional high values, KGV definitives with several dollar values, later mint in similar fashion i.e 50¢ Bluenose x3 and $1 Parliament x5, some nice back-of-the-book including good registration, etc., Provinces with BC & VI with #2 unused x2 and used, used #9 & #11 x2, New Brunswick with 5¢ Connell specimen, Newfoundland with a nice showing of early issues, later sets and imperfs, good airmails, etc.; condition mixed with some annotated "n.h." hinged, please inspect.
Estimate    $4,000 - 6,000.

Realized: $6,500

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Lot 2693 /o   

Canada & Provinces, Collection, 1851-1980, on pages housed in Minkus album and binder; Canada starting with a few early issues 1859 issues complete used, basic large and small Queens used, 1897 Jubilees complete to the $2 mostly mint, complete Widowheads, and strong basic completion thereon mixed */o, back-of-the-book issues including officials, Provinces mainly Newfoundland with only a few early issues, 1897 Pictorials complete mint, 1919 Caribou set mint and some later material; condition varies with much of the value in mint issues.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized: $1,200

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Lot 2694 /o   

Canada & Provinces, Collection, 1852-2001, housed in three Scott albums; starting with Canada Scott #4 & #4d used 1859 denominations used present with additional, large Queens used with shades, similar small Queens with some mint, 1897 Jubilees to the 50¢ mint, following Widowheads mixed */o predominately mint complete thereon with KGV definitives, 50¢ Bluenose & $1 Parliament, etc., back-of-the-book with complete semi-postals and airs, etc., Provinces sparse in early issues with useful to good later mint in Newfoundland; condition varied mostly confined to earlier issues.
Estimate    $600 - 800.

Realized: $1,150

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Lot 2695 /o   

Canada & Provinces, Collection, 1868-1999, mostly mint collection in three Lighthouse hingeless albums feat. two Canada and a third with Newfoundland and BNA, 19th Century Canada generally used, 20th Century mostly mint with much n.h., including Scott #91, 92, 100 n.h., plus airmail, special delivery, postage due and officials, modern Canada from 1986-99 mint n.h. with/high degree of completion including singles, pairs, blocks, booklets panes, souvenir sheets and sheetlets, lastly assorted mint and used Newfoundland and BNA, a worthwhile collection including a great set of albums, owner's Scott $7,300 plus $450 face value, well worth review.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $750

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Lot 2696 /o   

China, Collection, small collection of several hundred on pages, please inspect.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $550

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Lots 2687-2696 Lots 2697-2706 Lots 2707-2716 Lots 2717-2726 Lots 2727-2736 Lots 2737-2746 Lots 2747-2756 Lots 2757-2766 Lots 2767-2775

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