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Sale 97: The Westpex Sale

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Cape of Good Hope to Natal

Lots 130-139 Lots 140-149 Lots 150-151

Lot 130 o   

Cape of Good Hope, 1861 "Wood Block", 4d pale gray blue, neat bar cancel, close margins, couple small thins, Fine appearance; with 2009 Sismondo certificate. Scott No. 9a.
SG No. 14a    £2,250 ($2,920).

Realized: $270

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Lot 131 /o   

Falkland Islands, 1891, Provisional Bisect, ½d on half of 1d red brown, 5 mint or used examples including on piece with no opinion APS certs, also Scott/SG #11, 11a in piece signed Bloch, sold "As Is". Scott No. 19E (photo on web site).
SG No. 14    Estimate $200 - 300.

Complete Images.

Realized: $150

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Lot 132 S   

Falkland Islands, 1898, Queen Victoria, 2s6d-5s complete, overprinted "Specimen", full o.g., matched centering, rich vibrant colors, a Very Fine set. Scott No. 20-21.
SG No. 41s/2s    £550 ($720).

Realized: $230

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Lot 133    

Falkland Islands, 1929-36, Whale & Penguins, ½d-£1 complete, full o.g., all fresh with rich colors, a Very Fine set. Scott No. 54-64.
SG No. 116/26    £700 ($910).

Realized: $300

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Lot 134    

Falkland Islands, 1933, Centenary, 5s black & yellow, o.g., lightly hinged, choice centering and margins, bright and fresh, Extremely Fine; with 2019 P.S.E. certificate Graded (XF 90). Scott No. 74.
SG No. 136    £950 ($1,240).

Realized: $600

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Lot 135    

Gilbert & Ellice Islands, 1943 (Sep. 5) Incoming Soldier Mail from Nagano, Japan, Japan 2s red postal card canceled by "Nagano, Iijima, 18.9.5" cds (5 Sep 1943) addressed to "c/o Yokosuka P.O. U66 U223, Takei Part, Kimura Party", the Naval address code of U66 = Tarawa, red "Military Mail" chop handstamp; minor card creases, Very Fine and rare incoming use to Tarawa.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Just over two months after this card was mailed, the Battle of Tarawa was fought on 20-23 November 1943. Of the 3,636 Japanese in the garrison, only one officer and sixteen enlisted men surrendered. Of the 1,200 Korean laborers brought to Tarawa to construct the defenses, only 129 survived. All told, 4,690 of the island's defenders were killed.

Realized: $425

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Lot 136    

Hong Kong, 1867 (Apr. 8) Shanghai, China from U.S.S. "Wachusett" to Fisherville, N.H. via Hong Kong, with enclosed April 1st and 2nd letters, blue Shanghae (4.8.67) origin backstamp initially rated 1/10½ changed to 1/9½ (1s9½d) plus 1d colonial credit, bearing Hong Kong QV no watermark 18¢ and CC watermark 4¢ and 24¢, each canceled by Hong Kong "B62" grid paying the 45¢ half-ounce rate to U.S. via Southampton (46¢ paid as Hong Kong did not then issue odd-cents denominated stamps), reverse with Shanghae (4.8.67) blue origin and Hong Kong (4.12) transit backstamps, carried by P&O Cadiz from Shanghai Apr. 9th to Hong Kong arriving Apr. 12th, then P&O Emeu from Hong Kong (Apr. 15) to Galle arriving Apr. 30th, then P&O Candia from Galle May 2nd to Suez arriving May 17th, overland in Egypt from Suez to Alexandria, P&O Nyanza from Alexandria May 19th to Southampton arriving May 31st, red London Paid (5.31) transit and matching "5/Cents" credit h.s. to U.S. for domestic postage, carried by Cunard Line Persia from Queenstown Jun. 2nd to New York arriving Jun. 13th, red "New York, Br. Pkt. Paid, Jun 13" exchange arrival cds; some edge wear, slightly rough opening at left, Very Fine and unusual cover from a U.S. ship in Chinese waters with a nice three-color franking; with 1991 Holcombe certificate.
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.

The sender notes that they had been six or seven hundred miles into the country, having been to Hankow, Kiukiang and Chinkiang.

The U.S.S. "Wachusett" was commissioned in March 1862 during the Civil War and was sent to China in March 1865 originally to search for the Confederate commerce raider C.S.S. "Shenandoah." It stayed on to track down outlaws and pirates who were harming American interests, then attempted to enter Korean waters to investigate the demise of the U.S.S. "General Sherman" before returning to the U.S. for its February 1868 decommissioning.

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Lot 137    

Hong Kong, 1891, Queen Victoria, 10¢ purple on red, horizontal pair, Crown CA watermark, tied by "Hong Kong, Ap 3, 95" cds's on U.S. 1887, 2¢ green corner card entire to Fresno, Cal., manuscript "Per S.S. "First Steamer"" endorsement, reverse with partial S.F. transit and receiving cds's; small cover opening tear at bottom, Very Fine, an unusual usage of a U.S. postal entire. SG No. 38. Yang No. 40.
Scott No. 44    Estimate $200 - 300.

Realized: $170

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Lot 138    

Hong Kong, 1938-52, King George VI, 1¢-$10 complete, full o.g., strong colors throughout, a Very Fine set. Scott No. 154-166A.
SG No. 140/162    £1,100 ($1,430).

Realized: $240

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Lot 139    

India, 1928, King George V, 25r orange & blue, watermark inverted, bottom right corner margin single, o.g., never hinged, bright and fresh, well centered, small tone spot on gum in margin only, Very Fine and choice, a scarce position single in never hinged condition. Scott No. 125 var.
SG No. 219w    £375 for hinged ($490).

Realized: $290

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Lots 130-139 Lots 140-149 Lots 150-151

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