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Sale 98: The Transportation Sale

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Mid-Western States (B-I Routes)

Lots 4505-4514 Lots 4515-4524 Lots 4525-4533

Lot 4505    

(Bureau Valley Railroad) Bureau Valley R.R., Mar 17, bold route agent cds ties 3¢ dull red (11) rich color, on orange cover to Chester N.H., manuscript "Missent" rating and blue "Nashua N.H. Mar 23, 1857" cds; missing small part of top flap and corner flaw, Very Fine and rare, Rarity X.
Towle No. 703-A-1    Estimate $400 - 600.


Put onto Route 13394 and carried either to La Salle or Peoria for transmission east via New York and Boston. After 6 days missent to Nashua for redirection to Chester, NH.

Realized: $625

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Lot 4506    

(Central Railroad of Iowa) Central Iowa Ry., Newburg, green negative station oval ties 3¢ green (147), additionally cancelled by manuscript, matching manuscript postmark on yellow cover from the H.B. Shaw correspondence to Alfred Me., Very Fine and rare negative station oval.
Towle No. 751-S-1    Estimate $300 - 400.

Envelope put onto Route 11008 at Newburg located 62 miles north of Alba.

Realized: $300

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Lot 4507    

(Chicago & Alton Railroad) C. & St. Louis R.P.O. Aug 9, route agent cds ties 3¢ ultramarine (114) on cover addressed in blue ink to Hollidaysburg, Pa.; Very Fine, Very Fine.
Towle No. 705-I-1    Estimate $150 - 200.

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Lot 4508    

(Chicago & Mississippi Railroad) Chicago & Miss. R.R., May "17", red route agent cds with manuscript day ties 3¢ dull red (11A) on cover to St. Louis Mo.; small edge tear and lower right corner clipped, otherwise Very Fine and exceptionally rare, Rarity IX.
Towle No. 705-A-2    Estimate $500 - 750.

In July 1853, the first portion of the Chicago to St. Louis route was constructed by the Chicago & Mississippi Rail Road and contracted for 124 miles to Bloomington. By July 1st 1854 the full 256-mile road was operating to Alton and contracted as Route 13264 at $24,500 a year for twice daily service excluding Sundays. The final 25 miles of the route to St. Louis was undertaken by steamboat operated by the rail road company.

Realized: $675

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Lot 4509    

(Chicago & North Western Railroad) Chi. To Green Bay R.P.O., Jun 18, two strikes of route agent cds with one tying 3¢ ultramarine (114), trivial corner crease, on orange cover to Belvidere, Ill., 1869 receipt docketing at top, Very Fine; with 2009 P.F. certificate.
Towle No. 839-C-1    Estimate $200 - 300.

Carried on Route 13001 for transfer at an intermediate station to Belvidere in Boon County. Received the Sorting Clerk's datestamp for June 18, 1869.

Realized: $110

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Lot 4510    

Chicago Supplementary Mail, Feb 1, blue cds ties 3¢ dull red (26) on buff H.C. Livingston & Co. Commission Merchant corner card cover to Williamstown Mass., Very Fine and superb strike, ex-Wagshal.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

In January 1860 the Chicago Post Office introduced a no fee service to take in letters going eastward up to half an hour after the close of the regular mail.

Put into the Supplementary mail box on February 1st 1861 and carried eastward 467 miles on Route 9050 for Pittsburgh. Transferred via Philadelphia and New York to Williamstown.

Realized: $150

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Lot 4511    

(Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad) Aurora Extenn. R.R., Aug 13, bold strike of 3¢ red (U2) buff Nesbitt entire to Mt. Blaski Ill.; partial flap and some slight edgewear, Very Fine strike, Rarity IX, This is the Towle listing copy., ex-Hannen.
Towle No. 694-A-1    Estimate $500 - 750.

Envelope put onto Route 13392a on August 13th circa 1855. Probably carried to Mendosa for routing via Peoria to Mount Polaski.

Reference: Illustrated in Remele book on p. 11.

Realized: $850

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Lot 4512    

(Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail Road) Hor. & Port. R.R., Nov 1, clear strike of route agent cds with matching four-ring targets tie 2¢ black (73) and 1¢ ultramarine (145) arrow guideline s.e. on yellow cover to Milwaukee Wisc., Very Fine, Rarity IV, ex-Rorke, Fosdyke.
Towle No. 840-C-1    Estimate $750 - 1,000.


Put onto Route 13009 addressed to Milwaukee and carried east between Horicon and Portage 45¼ miles on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Rail Road. Contracted between Horicon and Portage at $3,394 a year for a daily service excluding Sundays.

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Lot 4513    

(Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad) Miss & Mo R.R., Sep 10, route agent cds at center (pencil date updated to "11") and double-strike ties 3¢ rose (65), perf flaws, on orange cover with original letter datelined "Ainsworth, Iowa, Sep 4, 1866" to Fairview, West Virginia, F.-V.F.
Towle No. 702-K-1    Estimate $150 - 200.

Put onto Route 11008 at Ainsworth for transfer at Muscatine to the branch line of Route 11007 for Wilton and Davenport. Transferred to the Davenport, Iowa to Chicago Route 11404 thence east to Wheeling for Fairview.

Realized: $120

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Lot 4514    

(Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad) Cleveland & Pittsbh. R.R., Nov 13, bold strike of route agent cds ties 3¢ dull red (11A) position 61L1L, large margins to clear including left part imprint sheet margin, on circa 1855 cover to Salem Ohio, Very Fine and choice, Rarity V, ex-Eubanks; with 2006 P.F. certificate.
Towle No. 554-B-1    Estimate $400 - 600.

Envelope put onto Route 9120 on November 13th circa 1855 and carried east to Baynard for transfer 18 miles to Salem.

Realized: $500

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Lots 4505-4514 Lots 4515-4524 Lots 4525-4533

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