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Sale 98: The Transportation Sale

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Western States

Lots 4566-4575 Lots 4576-4585 Lots 4586-4587

Lot 4566    

(Central Pacific - Union Pacific) Union Pacific R.R., Feb 17, route agent cds on 3¢ pink (U58) entire with Wells Fargo printed frank canceled by blue "Wells Fargo & Co. Express, Knights Landg." oval to Dresden, Maine, Very Fine.
Towle No. 932-A-4    Estimate $200 - 300.

Wells Fargo envelope put into their Knight's Landing office. Carried on Route 14709 for the 18 miles south to Davisville for transfer to the Central Pacific R.R. for
carriage east.

Realized: $325

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Lot 4567    

(Central Pacific Railroad) "Cent. Pacific R.R., Jul 18", route agent cds on 3¢ pink (U59) buff entire with Wells Fargo printed frank cancelled by blue "Wells, Fargo & Co., Wheatland, Jul 18" oval to Kingston, Canada, ms. "25c" express fee notation, Canada "10/Cents" due handstamp, reverse with Loughboro U.C. (7.25) transit and Kingston (7.25) arrival cds, Fine and scarce use, Rarity V.
Towle No. 976-B-1    Estimate $150 - 200.

Wells Fargo envelope put into their Wheatland office on July 16th 1870. Carried on Route 14703 the 21 miles south to Roseville for transfer onto the CentralPacific Railroad 14834 for the east.

Realized: $240

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Lot 4568    

(Central Pacific Railroad) C.P.R.R., Florin, Oct 14, 1876, partial strike of blue double-circle datestamp ties 5¢ blue (185) on cover to Newport-Pagnel, England, Nov. 3rd arrival backstamp; small flaws, Fine and rare California station cds.
Towle No. 976-S-Unlisted    Estimate $150 - 200.

The Florin, California post office reopened on August 14, 1876 and no postmarks have been recorded by Williams before 1883.

Realized: $170

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Lot 4569    

(Central Pacific Railroad) Newcastle C.P.R.R., Mar 9, 1871, blue double-circle cds on 3¢ green entire with Wells Fargo imprint to Sacramento, Cal., Very Fine and scarce railroad station, Rarity V, ex-Kramer, Tatham.
Towle No. 976-S-4    Estimate $200 - 300.

A total of five Station Agent date stamps are recorded in use between Sacramento City and Ogden by Towle in the 1870s, these being at Newcastle, Penryn, Pino, Tacoma & Verdi.

Wells Fargo envelope put onto Route 14701 at Newcastle to be carried 32 miles south west to Sacramento.

Realized: $230

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Lot 4570    

(Central Pacific Railroad) C.P.R.R. Penryn, Oct 28, 1876, partial double-circle datestamp on 3¢ green entire cancelled by manuscript to Lebanon, N.Y.; light toning and staining, Fine and rare railroad station, Rarity VI.
Towle No. 976-S-2    Estimate $150 - 200.

Put onto Route 46001 at Penryn to be carried 715 miles east to Ogden and thence on the Union Pacific to Omaha for Lebanon, New York.

Realized: $170

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Lot 4571    

(Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad) Mil. & Miss. R.R. Agency, Reed's Landing, M.T., May 22, 1859, clear full strike of station cds on bill of lading cover to Eau Claire, Wisc.; cover slightly reduced at left, Extremely Fine and choice.
Towle No. SP-4    Estimate $400 - 600.


Realized: $450

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Lot 4572    

(Northern Pacific Railroad) "N P RR, 5/6/73", manuscript route agent postmark on 3¢ green (U84) with original letter datelined "Bush's Camp N.P.R.R. May 4th 73" to Roseburg, Oregon, Very Fine, Rarity VIII.
Towle No. 895-C-1    Estimate $300 - 400.

Bush's Camp N.P.R.R. carried 20 miles south to the rail head at Tenino to be put onto Route 43001 for the 105½ miles south to Kalama. Transferred by stage to Portland and then railroad on Route 44001 to Roseburg.

The letter written by M.S. Bush, a construction manager on the line reads: "I am here on the NP.R.R. in charge of thirteen miles of clearing and expect to remain here all summer. I
am located Twenty Miles from Tenino, the end of track and twelve miles from Steilacom which is the nearest point on the Sound that the RR will come until the final terminus is fixed which will not be sometime yet. But whatever place is selected will certainly be a very large City in a very few years."

Realized: $550

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Lot 4573    

(Oregon & California Railroad) "O & C RR, Nov 30", manuscript postmark (date error?) on 3¢ green (U83) entire with ms. "J.A. Millard, Albany, Or." return address to Roseburg, Oregon, original letter datelined "Albany Oregon, Dec 1st 1872" appears in same hand as address and postmark reading "I send you today by Express a package of fruit…", Very Fine, Rarity V.
Towle No. 894-D-2    Estimate $300 - 400.


Put onto Route 44001 at Albany, Oregon to be carried 119 miles south to Roseburg.

Realized: $375

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Lot 4574    

(Panama Railroad) "Pr P. R.R. Co.", manuscript endorsement on cover with pencil "Feby 20. 1863" dating at left and "6" rating on cover to Hon. E. O. Crosby, Legation of the United States, Guatemala City, Guatemala, blue "6" reales due handstamp.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Cover was addressed to Elisha Oscar Crosby, the U.S. Minister to Guatemala. It was probably carried to Aspinwall by the contract ship from New York, and then the 47 miles to Panama City by rail. Then by ship to Guatemala.

Realized: $120

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Lot 4575    

(Sacramento Valley Railroad) S.R.R.R. Co., Sacramento, Oct 3, 1865, station cds as corner corner handstamp, additional strike on reverse of yellow cover bearing 3¢ bright rose (65), cancelled by partial fancy shield cancel, matching "Sacramento, Cal., Oct 4, 1865" double-circle datestamp to Glenwood Seminary, West Brattleboro, Vt., endorsed "Per Overland Mail" at bottom left; reduced slightly at left, F.-V.F. and rare.
Towle No. Unlisted    Estimate $150 - 200.

Incorporated in August 1852, the Sacramento Valley Railroad was the first operational steam railroad west of the Rocky Mountains and the first to carry mails under contract starting on July 1st 1858. The railroads first President was William Tecumseh Sherman, then employed to manage a branch of a St. Louis bank in Sacramento.

Endorsed "Pr Overland Mail" put onto Route 14793 for Indianapolis and carried to Sacramento to receive the Station Agent's CDS. Transferred to the overland mail coach via Salt Lake City to St. Louis and then eastward by railroad for West Brattleboro, VT.

Realized: $270

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Lots 4566-4575 Lots 4576-4585 Lots 4586-4587

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