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Sale 78: The Westpex Sale

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State Postmarks - Missouri Territory

Lots 1372-1375

Lot 1372    

(Missouri Territory) "Cape Girardeau, May 22", neat manuscript postmark with matching "12½" rating on 1820 folded letter to St. Louis, Missouri Terr., Extremely Fine and choice, ex-Alexander.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

This letter illustrates how quickly some of the French residents of Missouri Territory integrated with the incoming Anglos from east of the Mississippi River. The writer, B. Cousin, tells his friend, Soulard, that he has married "…l'aimable Eliza M. Hunt…" and that he has become the temporary clerk of the court during the absence of Joseph McFerron, who is attending the Constitution Convention leading to statehood for Missouri.

Realized: $475

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Lot 1373    

(Missouri Territory) "Herculaneum, April 2nd", manuscript postmark and matching "10" restored rating on 1816 docketed folded cover to St. Louis; horizontal fold and light overall toning, F.-V.F. restored rate use, ex-Alexander.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.


Effective April 1st 1816, the "War Rate" 50% surcharge in postal rates was repealed and the rates of 1799 and 1810 were restored. This cover was mailed just after the repeal and charged at the correct old rate of 10¢ for a distance of between 40 and 90 miles.

Realized: $800

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Lot 1374    

(Missouri Territory) "Jackson, June 20th", manuscript postmark on 1817 folded letter with manuscript "Free, J. McFerron, P.M." free frank endorsement, Very Fine, This is the latest recorded use of this Jackson manuscript postmark., ex-Alexander.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Jackson is located about 15 miles from the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau County. The post office was established in 1811. This letter was written by Joseph McFerron who was the postmaster at Cape Girardeau.

Realized: $400

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Lot 1375    

(Missouri Territory) St. Louis, July. 31, two-line postmark with matching "39½" cent war surcharge rating on datelined folded ALS letter from Alexander McNair to his brother Col. Dunning McNair near Pittsburgh Pa., endorsed "per mail" at lower left; some toning and soiling, Fine, ex-Nettles.
Estimate    $400 - 600.


This letter from Alexander McNair to his brother reads in part "…Col. Miller with his Regt is ordered from this country to another district and will leave this country tomorrow with all his young men. I remain here to sell out the goods, but fear we will lose money on the Whiskey…" and signed "A McNair". Alexander McNair (1775-1826) was a true American frontiersman, politician and first Governor of the States of Missouri from 1820 to 1824. In 1804, McNair traveled to what is now Missouri shortly after the United States acquired the area from France in the Louisiana Purchase. He married Suzanne de Reihle de Regal, the daughter of French Marquis.

Realized: $350

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Lots 1372-1375

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