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Sale 103: The APS Auction

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1867 Grilled & 1869 Pictorial Issues

Lots 732-737

Lot 732    

1867, 2¢ black, F. grill, horizontal pair, used with 12¢ black, F grill (97), few trivial perf faults from placement at edge, tied by quartered cork cancels duplexed with "Williamsburg N.Y. May 7" cds and red "New York, Paid All Direct, May 8" cds on cover to Frederickshold, Norway, New York red "6" cents credit, carried by NGL Line Bremen from New York May 8th to Bremen arriving May 20th, red "Bremen/Franco" (5.21) boxed transit and red "Weiterfr. 2-1/2 Sgr." boxed credit handstamp (equivalent to the 6¢ credit); cover previously had a stain at left and cleaning has faded the address, still all markings are clear, Fine appearance, ex-'Patrick Henry', Faust.
Scott No. 93    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.


The 16¢ North German Union Direct Mail rate to Norway was in effect only from May 1, 1868 to July 31, 1869.

Realized: $900

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Lot 733    

1867, 3¢ red, F. grill, tied by cork cancel duplexed with "Newark N.J., Apr 28" cds on cover originally mailed without postage and "Held for Postage" straightline struck, "Box 582, Newark, N.J." Good Samaritan Label affixed on reverse reading in part "This Letter was detained in the Post Office at Newark, N.J. on account of non-payment of postage", postage affixed and sent to Providence R.I.; flap faulty, Very Fine.
Scott No. 94    Estimate $150 - 200.

Realized: $150

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Lot 734    

1867, 10¢ yellow green, F. grill, used with 3¢ red, grill (94), tied by cork cancels duplexed with "Winona Min. Oct 19" cds on 1868 cover to Denmark at the 13¢ NGU direct rate, violet "Bremen, Franco, 2 / 11 68" framed transit and matching "Weiterir. 1 Sgr." framed handstamp; cover restored, minor toning, F.-V.F. and scarce use.
Scott No. 96    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

Bremen used violet postmark ink from Jan. 1st 1868 until mid 1869 only.

Realized: $700

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Lot 735    

1869, 6¢ ultramarine, used with 3¢ red, F grill (94), tied by four-ring cancels, matching partial "Lake Village, Ark., Apr" cds on reduced legal-size cover to New Orleans La. at triple the 3¢ letter rate; staining at edges, Fine and scarce combination franking.
Scott No. 115    $475+.

Realized: $170

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Lot 736    

1869, 10¢ yellow, strip of three, tied by three strikes of NYFM circle of wedges, red "New York, Paid All, Br. Transit, Mar 2" exchange cds and matching red "16" cent Phantom double-rate credit handstamp on Geo. W. Ford Bookseller corner card cover front to Paris, France, London Paid (3.14) transit and matching oval "PD" handstamp; right 10¢ corner crease upper right, Very Fine front at the Phantom double-rate.
Scott No. 116    Estimate $500 - 750.

Following the expiration of the U.S.-France mail treaty on December 31, 1869, the New York postmaster was aware of and sometimes employed an unannounced fully-prepaid rate to France of 12¢ with 8¢ credit to England (published in the foreign postage tables for Algeria). The 12¢ rate applied only until July 1st, when it was reduced to 10¢. As usual, the sender of this cover may have prepaid it for the expired 15¢ treaty rate (3¢ overpayment). Most Phantom rate covers are prepaid with the 1869 or 1870 Issue.

Realized: $1,100

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Lot 737    

1869, 10¢ yellow, tied by bold quartered cork duplexed with "New Orleans La., Mar 25" cds on 1870 folded letter to Bordeaux, France, bold red "New York, Apr 2" exchange cds, red French Packet (4.2) octagon datestamp, carried by French Line Europe from New York Apr. 3rd to Brest arriving Apr. 15th, Bordeaux (4.15) entry backstamp and bold "8" decimes due handstamp, Paris (4.14) arrival backstamp, Very Fine use by French packet.
Scott No. 116    Estimate $300 - 400.

Realized: $375

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Lots 732-737

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