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Sale 106: The Stanley Piller Inventory of United States

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Local Issues

Lots 321-330 Lots 331-340

Lot 321    

Bayonne City Dispatch, 1883, 1¢ black, large margins to close at top, tied by pretty purple three-ring cancel, matching "Bayonne City, Dispatch Paid. May, 15 1883" three-line postmark on cover to Bergen Point N.J., endorsed "Recd May 16th" at left, Very Fine.
Scott No. 9L1    $750.

Realized: $260

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Lot 322    

Blood & Co., 1848 (2¢) black on pale green, large margins all around, canceled by black open grid, on blue folded 1848 letter to street address, Very Fine.
Scott No. 15L11    $1,500.

Realized: $190

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Lot 323    

Blood & Co., 1854 (1¢) bronze on lilac, margins to touched, acid tied, "Blood's Penny Post, Oct 2" double-circle datestamp on orange cover with blue "Saml. Kilpatrick Real Estate" cameo addressed to local street address, attractive and Very Fine.
Scott No. 15L14    Estimate $150 - 200.

Realized: $110

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Lot 324    

Boyd's City Express, 1848, 2¢ black on green, huge even margins, cork canceled, used with 10¢ orange brown (10), rich color, tied by square grid cancel, red "New-York, Jul 25" cds on embossed lady's envelope to Chatham 4 Corners, N.Y., flap with "I trouble you with a line" fishing label, Very Fine and scarce combination; with 2018 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 20L7    Estimate $300 - 400.

Realized: $350

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Lot 325    

Boyd's City Express, 1867, 1¢ black on blue, four margins, manuscript cancel and tied by oval "Paid" handstamp, used with 3¢ rose (65) tied by large six-bar grid cancel duplexed with "New-York, Jul 7, 1863" cds on cover to Sandy Hook Conn.; reduced at right, F.-V.F.
Scott No. 20L25    $500+.

Realized: $120

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Lot 326    

Boyd's City Express, 1867, 1¢ black on blue, wide margins, tied by oval "Paid" handstamp and "New-York, Jan 8" cds duplex along with 3¢ rose (65) on cover to Geddes N.Y., Very Fine.
Scott No. 20L25    $500+.

Realized: $180

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Lot 327    

Brooklyn City Express Post, 1855-64, 2¢ black on dark blue, large margins, partial black ring cancel and tied by bold "Brooklyn N.Y. Jun 4" cds along with 3¢ dull red (11A), wide margins, on orange buff cover to New Haven Conn.; no flap and some edge wear, Very Fine.
Scott No. 28L5    $500.

Realized: $290

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Lot 328    

Browne & Co.'s City Post Office, 1852-55, 1¢ black, margins to in, tied by "City Post" circular handstamp, used with 3¢ dull red (11A), pos. 29L1, both tied by blue "Cincinnati. O. Jun 4" cds on gray folded cover to Columbus Ohio; missing top flap and small top edge mend, 3¢ creased, Fine and rare use; with 1997 A.P.S. certificate.
Scott No. 29L1    $4,000.

Realized: $800

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Lot 329    

Clipperton Island, 1895, 1¢-$1.00 Clipperton Island complete set, ten values, tied by purple three-ring cancels, entered mails with purple "San Francisco, Cal. Reg. Div., Apr 28, 1896" cds bearing 3¢ and 6¢ Bureau issues ties by "San Francisco" registry ovals on legal-size 4¢ entire with F.M. Petersen & Co. corner card to Hamburg, Germany, New York (5.4) transit oval backstamp and "New York" exchange label affixed, Hamburg (5.14, 5.15) arrival backstamps; some wear and light soiling, vertical crease at right between stamps, F.-V.F., only 200 sets produced.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.


The Clipperton Island stamps where produced in March 1895 in San Francisco by the local agents of the Oceanic Phosphate Co. that was operating an important guano recovery operation on Clipperton Island, an atoll in the Eastern Pacific Ocean about 1,800 miles from San Francisco. They where intend for employee mail from the island and there were about 150-200 miners there at the time of issue.

Realized: $2,300

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Lot 330    

Eagle City Post, 1848 (2¢) black, cut to shape, manuscript cancel, used on folded letter to Roanoke Bridge Va., black "Eagle City Post, Adams Express" circular handstamp and partial blue "Philada. Pa. '10cts' Dec 28" integral-rate cds; cover tear and stain lower right, Fine, ex-Knapp, Gibson.
Scott No. 61L2    $1,000.

Realized: $170

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Lots 321-330 Lots 331-340

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