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Sale 108: The Westpex Sale

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Hawaii & Philippines

Lots 3096-3105 Lots 3106-3114

Lot 3096    

Hawaii, Post Card & Stationery Group, 30 items, includes post cards, postal cards and envelopes and photo; includes later Aloha Nui cards, volcano and surfing real-photos, others including views including Pacific Heights, useful mint stationery, card usage all post 1901; condition varies, inspect.
Estimate    $250 - 350.

Realized: $375

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Lot 3097 /o   

Hawaii, Attractive Quality Collection, 1853-1899, a solid neatly mounted strong mint with some used quality collection all in black mounts on lighthouse pages, mint highlights by Scott include #6 with certificate, 23 signed, 24 with certificate, 30-34, 41, 46-48, 50-51, 52c, 63, 65, 68-69 with certs, O1-O6 plus better used with #49, mainly Fine to Very Fine with few if any faults. A great lot to breakdown for online sales. It will be worthwhile to view to fully appreciate.
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.

Complete images:
View gallery or Download PDF (76MB).

Realized: $2,500

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Lot 3098    

Hawaii, Collection, 1853-99, mint issues housed on album pages; includes a couple Kamehameha issues including #6 (with additional example bearing a fake "5" surcharge) & 9 with o.g., selection of 8 different Numerals, Banknotes mainly missing the rare error overprints, complete later issues and Officials; condition a little mix mostly confined to early issues.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized: $1,350

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Lot 3099 /o   

Hawaii, Collection, 1853-99, mint issues housed in Scott album; starting with Kamehameha III issues with o.g. 4-margin #6 (slightly toned) and a corner margin #8 with cert., selection of later Numerals and 1860's Kamehameha IV issues, Banknotes near complete with a few 1893 overprint varieties, later issues and re-issues/reprints present, Officials complete and some revenues including #R9, some additional */o on a few pages; nice overall condition, worth review.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Selected images:
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Realized: $1,450

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Lot 3100    

Hawaii, Balance Of Extensive Mint Collection, on Scott pages, starting with #7 (cert-sound), and with certs for #8 (o.g.), 9 (o.g.), 11 (o.g.), 11R, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 24, 24b (incorrect), 25, 26, 27, 28a, 49, 50 (o.g. pair), 50 cto, 69, also included a couple of counterfeits, few bisects used on pieces with better clear cancels, a few "no period" and shift overprints, Officials complete mint and also, nice colors throughout, a few with stated minor faults, mostly F.-V.F., all items of value have certificates, 21 in total (mostly HPS or APS), approximately 20+ singles put up as individual lots in the auction, ex-Freeman.
Estimate    $3,000 - 4,000.

Realized: $7,250

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Lot 3101 /o   

Hawaii, Balance, group of 16 mostly mint items; includes (mint otherwise noted) Scott #69, 49 used, 22 with cert, 20 with cert, 15 with cert, 19 with cert, 5 with cert, 6 with cert, 23 with cert, 24 with cert x2, 25 with cert, 26 with cert, 27 with cert, 28 with cert, 9 with cert; condition varied, owner's cat $8,775, inspect.
Estimate    $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized: $2,800

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Lot 3102 /o   

Hawaii, Balance Including Reference, an eclectic mix of material on large stockcards; includes genuine material including Kamehameha IV issues including re-issue/reprint, Kamehameha III specimens in quantity, Banknote issues including high value, other unusual material including Clark die essays with cancels, an array of forgeries, perf'd $2 & $5 Elua Dala "Essay" items (most with cancels), set of Sperati enlarged reproduction photos with some additional (all with Sperati handstamp on reverse), etc.; worth review.
Estimate    $600 - 800.

Realized: $900

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Lot 3103 P   

Hawaii, Balance, group of 10 items; includes mint sheet margin #23a, Numerals with Scott 20 x3, 22 & 23, Banknotes with #33P1 mounted on large card and #69, #R1P3; most with small flaws but nice looking material throughout, Scott catalog $5,450, worth review.
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Realized: $1,050

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Lot 3104    

Hawaii, Balance, small group of three items; includes large margin #19 with pressed crease (cat $625, cert), 77P3 on original card ($400, cert), and a U9 blue inside entire in very nice condition ($525); total cat $1,550.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $475

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Lot 3105 o   

Hawaii, Collection, extensive lot of 100's of stamps in glassines; mostly used and not checked closely for varieties and cancels; Scott $4500+.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $1,150

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Lots 3096-3105 Lots 3106-3114

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