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Sale 27: The Autumn Sale

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Foreign Mails - Natal to Zanzibar

Lots 378-387 Lots 388-397 Lots 398-407

Lot 378    

Natal, 1902 Pietermarizburg, Natal to New York, N.Y. Cover printed advertising for "THE NATAL WITNESS" franked with 1d (perfins) tied by "Pietermarizburg" double circle postmark with a framed "T15" handstamp beneath & "New York Oct 28 Due 6 Cents" hand stamp in the lower left corner, United States Postage Dues 1879 3¢ brown applied on reverse & tied by New York duplex cancel, small cover tear at right, Very Fine.
Scott No. 67    Estimate $100 - 150.

This was rated at the letter rate of 2 1/2 pence, thus 1 1/2 pence (15 centimes) short paid which was doubled as a penalty to 30 centimes due or 6c U.S. currency.

Realized: $120

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Lot 379    

Netherlands, 1815 Amsterdam, Netherlands to Providence, R.I. Via Baltimore, Md., folded letter headed "Amsterdam 25 Aug 1815" with red "Baltimore, Md. Nov 10" cds on the left side, matching "Ship" handstamp and manuscript "62" cents due the addressee, rate based on 20 cents per sheet for 2 sheets of paper in the 300-500 miles zone plus 50% increase due to the war, Extremely Fine, a nice example of a double war rate cover from a foreign origin.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $300

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Lot 380    

New Zealand, 1884 Dunedin, New Zealand to United States. Franked with six 1882 1d tied by squared circles of "Dunedin" with unusual large red boxed "Paid All" handstamp on cover to San Francisco, forwarded to Guerneville with straight line "Forwarded" handstamp, right stamp somewhat defective due to placement at right edge of cover, Very Fine.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $250

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Lot 381    

North Borneo, 1913, Registered Cover to Austria. Franked with four different 1904 4c overprints including 4c on $10 tied by G.P.O., B.N.B. cds's with Jesselton registry handstamp, cover endorsed Imprimé/Printed Matter which appears to be crossed out with blue crayon "T" applied, Very Fine.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

Realized: $475

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Lot 382    

Norway, 1858 Oster-Riisoer, Norway to Rushford, Minn. Blue "Oster Riisoer 26 4 1858" cds upper right corner, with a two line "Hamburg 30 Apr 1858" transit handstamp, and "N. York Hamb. Pkt. May 18" exchange cds just beneath, black manuscript "25/25" summed to "38" at top left & red crayon "6" in center, partial "K.D.O.P.A. Hamburg 28 1" (Danish PO in Hamburg) transit on the reverse; slight edge toning, Very Fine, a scarce use from Norway.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $650

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Lot 383    

Peru, 1869 Lima, Peru to New York, N.Y. 1869 blue folded letter with "Lima 27 Dic 869" cds with a New York "STEAMSHIP 20" cents due hand-stamp alongside, manuscript "Per Steamer" in the upper left corner, two light file folds, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $100 - 150.

The 20 cents due represents 10 cents per half ounce blanket steamship rate from 1-Jul-1864 through 30-Jun-1975. There is no indication this was prepaid to Panama, although this was a requirement. There is a similar cover illustrating the same lack of prepayment from the same Lanman & Kemp correspondence on page 120 of U.S. Incoming Steamship Mail, 1847-1875, 2nd Ed., Theron Wierenga.

Realized: $45

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Lot 384    

St. Vincent, 1902, Registered Cover to United States. Franked with 1898 1sh Victoria (right sheet margin) on OHMS imprint cover to Ohio tied by "St. Vincent" with all strike alongside, reverse with scarce St. Vincent registry label (tied), minor cover toned spots, Very Fine.
Scott No. 69    Estimate $150 - 200.

Realized: $135

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Lot 385    

Salvador, MISSENT TO U.S. SEA P.O. No 17. Straight line handstamp on 1914 registered cover from San Salvador, Salvador to Hanover, Pennsylvania franked with 1911 3c + 50c Officials tied by grid cancel, numerous markings including black Salvadorian Legation handstamp, partial magenta double line cds of origin, violet "R San Salvador" registry markings, black and red customs label affixed over the top, backstamps include "U.S. German Sea P.O. 1914" duplex cancel, dark violet "U.S. Sea Post. Feb 12 1914 Reg." cds, partial black "Transatlantic Post Office Fe 21" cds, adhesives with light crease, Very Fine.
Scott No. O306+O311    Estimate $200 - 300.

Evidently, this was missorted and wound up in the seapost registry mail bags for a German steamer, possibly the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, know to have been in service 1906, 1907, and 1913. U.S. Postal Clerks were employed in the direction Germany, which explains the U.S. Seapost Missent marking. This was off loaded in Southampton, where the Transatlantic Post Office marking was applied for return to the U.S. Roger Hosking illustrates 4 different U.S. Seapost Missent markings in his 1979 book The Transatlantic Post Office, this marking is atypical of those. The three seapost markings used on this cover range from very uncommon to rare, and taken together explain the misrouting of this cover.

Realized: $140

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Lot 386    

Sarawak, 1896, Registered Cover to Singapore. Franked with 1888-97 1c + 10c + 1895 4c + 6c on 1896 cover to Singapore by "Sarawak" cds with registry handstamp at bottom left, backstamped with "Singapore" arrival cds, Very Fine.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $700

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Lot 387    

Sarawak, 1917, Registered Cover to Great Britain. Franked with 1899-1908 1c + 2c + 3c + 4c + 8c neatly tied by Kuching cds's on small cover to Great Britain, violet registry handstamp alongside, Very Fine.
Scott No. 36//40    Estimate $100 - 150.

Realized: $80

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Lots 378-387 Lots 388-397 Lots 398-407

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