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Sale 55: United States Postal History

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Transatlantic Mail - 1870 and later

Lots 1012-1021 Lots 1022-1024

Lot 1012    

1870 (Jan. 29) Buffalo, N.Y. To Paris, France, Shepard correspondence cover bearing 1867, 10¢ yellow green, F. grill, cancelled by small quartered cork duplexed with Buffalo cds, red New York (2.1) exchange cds, blue Cherbourg (2.18) entry cds and matching "8" decimes due rating handstamp, Very Fine.
Scott No. 96    Estimate $200 - 300.

The U.S. July 1, 1864 Act for non-contract scheduled steamship service set 10¢ per ½ oz. rate to replace the expired 15¢ 1857 Treaty rate. December 22, 1869 French Imperial Decree set collections at 80 centimes per 10 grams, effective January 1, 1870.

Realized: $675

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Lot 1013    

1870 (Mar. 24) Manchester, England To Honolulu, Hawaii, folded letter bearing two Great Britain 1s. green singles, couple small flaws, tied by "Manchester MR 24, 1870" duplex, endorsed "Via Queenstown & new York", addressed to Messr. F.A. Schaefer & Co., couple file folds that don't affect stamps, a Very Fine use.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $250

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Lot 1014    

1870 (Jul. 28) New Orleans, La. To Paris, France., cover with one-third of back missing, bearing 1869, 10¢ yellow tied by New Orleans duplex, red "New York Paid All Br. Transit Aug 3" backstamp and matching large red "6" credit handstamp, red London (8.16) transit cds and matching oval "PD" handstamp, Calais (8.17) entry cds; Very Fine, A scarce properly prepaid 10¢ Phantom rate use to France.
Scott No. 116    Estimate $500 - 750.

Realized: $950

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Lot 1015    

1870 (Nov. 3) Paris, France To New York, N.Y. Via Balloon Monté, cover bearing France 30c and 40c Empire issue tied by dotted "1" star cancels, "Paris, Pl. de la Bourse, 3 Nov. 70" origin cds, endorsed "par Ballon monté, via Liverpool et Queenstown", Calais (11.6) transit backstamp, red framed "PD" handstamp, red London (11.7) and matching "2/cents" credit handstamp, carried by Cunard Line Calabria from Liverpool departing Nov. 8th to Boston arriving Nov. 18th, red "New York Paid All Nov 19" arrival cds, Very Fine.
Maury    €7,500 ($10,350).


Realized: $10,000

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Lot 1016    

1870 (Dec. 28) Innsbruck, Austria To Boston, Mass., cover bearing two Austria 10kr blue singles tied by two strikes of Innsbruck cds, blue "15Wf" Kr credit to NGU, carried by Cunard Line Abyssinia to New York arriving Jan. 13th, red "New York Paid All Jan 14" exchange cds; accompanied by second cover from same correspondence that is shortpaid, 1870 (Jul. (28) Innsbruck to Boston bearing Austria 5Kr strip of three, showing framed "Unzureichend, frankirt" handstamp and various debit ratings; minor filing holes, Very Fine exhibit pair showing the prepaid and shortpaid 20k rate.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

On July 1st 1870, a new postal convention between the US and NGU established a 20 Kr per 15 gram rate for prepaid letters sent from Austria to the US by closed mails through Belgium and England.

Realized: $170

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Lot 1017    

1871-74, London, England To New York, N.Y. - Late Fees, four covers carried by four different NGL Line steamers with red "L1" or "L2" late fee handstamps, fees are paid in cash; each with file fold that affects stamp, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $75 - 100.

Realized: $60

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Lot 1018    

1871 (Apr. 11) Baltimore, Md. To Rome, Italy, mourning envelope prepaid with 1870, 10¢ brown (small corner fault) tied by red four-rings duplexed with "Baltimore Md. Apr 11" cds, red "New York Paid All Br. Transit Apr 12" exchange cds, carried by Cunard Line Russia from New York Apr. 12 to Queenstown arriving Apr. 21, Rome (4.27) arrival backstamp, Very Fine and choice mourning use; with 2013 P.F. certificate.
Scott No. 150    Estimate $200 - 300.

Realized: $160

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Lot 1019    

1871 (May 23) New York N.Y. To London, England, blue folded cover bearing 1870, 3¢ green, horizontal pair, tied by two strikes of NYFM flying clothespin (Weiss TR-C7), vertical file fold affects left stamp, red "New York May 23" exchange cds, carried as endorsed by Hapag Line Germania II from New York May 23rd to Plymouth arriving Jun. 3rd, red London Paid (6.5) arrival cds, Very Fine, Carried on the Maiden Return Voyage of Hapag Line Germania II.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

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Lot 1020    

1872 (Oct. 26) New York, N.Y. To Angouleme, France, folded cover bearing 1870, 10¢ brown, strip of three, tied by NYFM cross-roads (Weiss TR-C1), carried by White Star Line Baltic from New York Oct. 26th to Queenstown arriving Nov. 4th, red London Paid (11.5) transit and oval "PD" handstamp also ties strip, Calais (11.6) entry cds, Angouleme (11.6) arrival backstamp, Very Fine, an unusual franking.
Scott No. 150    Estimate $300 - 400.

Realized: $270

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Lot 1021    

1873 (Jun. 7) New York, N.Y. To Neuchtel, Switzerland, blue folded cover with perfect strike of red "New York Paid All via Eng. & Ostd. Jun 7" exchange office cds and bearing 1870, 10¢ brown, two singles, each with natural s.e. at right, tied by sharp complete strike of NYFM fancy cancel (Weiss ST-8P10), Basel (6.19) backstamp, Extremely Fine.
Estimate    $100 - 150.

Realized: $125

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Lots 1012-1021 Lots 1022-1024

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