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Sale 63: The Donald Richardson Collection of U.S. Postal Rates 1851-1863

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Foreign Mail - To South America

Lots 1072-1079

Lot 1072    

1859 (Feb. 15) Washington D.C. to Buenos Ayres, Argentina, cover addressed to Commdr. Shubrick, Commanding U.S. Expedition to Paraguay, bearing 5¢ red brown (28), and two 10¢ green (35) vertical pairs, pos. 22-32L, 21L-31L, all tied by strikes of "Washington D.C., Feb 15 1859" cds, red "New York, Br. Pkt., Feb 16" exchange cds backstamp and magenta "40" cent credit rating, carried by Cunard Line Asia from New York Feb. 16th to Liverpool arriving Feb. 27th, red London Paid (2.28) transit cds; light staining, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

The Paraguay Expedition was a United States Naval mission sent to Asunción, Paraguay, in 1858 to demand indemnity and apology from the Paraguayan Government for the 1 February 1855 firing on the U.S. Navy vessel USS Water Witch and for alleged insults against the United States and Paraguay Navigation Company. The expedition was led by Flag Officer William B. Shubrick. The task force departed New York City on 17 October 1858; but, for the most part, its 19 ships proceeded southward independently. The ships of the expedition formed up at Montevideo, Uruguay. The slowest ship, USS "M. W. Chapin", arrived on 29 December. All but two vessels of Shubrick's fleet got underway from Montevideo on 30 December and ascended the Río de la Plata, the Paraná, and the Paraguay rivers. Upon reaching Rosario, Water Witch and Fulton left their companions behind and continued on to Asunción with Bowlin and Shubrick. They arrived off Asunción on 25 January 1859. Bowlin went ashore to conduct negotiations with Paraguayan president Carlos Antonio López, which were completed in a fortnight. As a result of the expedition, Paraguay extended an apology to the United States, indemnified the family of the slain Water Witch crewman, and granted the United States a new and highly advantageous commercial treaty.

Realized: $2,500

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Lot 1073    

1863 (Mar. 2) New York N.Y. to Rio de Janeiro, cover addressed to James Monroe, U.S. Consul, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and bearing 5¢ brown (76), 10¢ green (68) and 30¢ orange (71), all tied by circular grid cancels for the 45¢ per ½ oz. British mail rate via Southampton, red "N.York Br. Pkt. Paid Mar 2" exchange cds and magenta "40" cent credit rating, carried by Cunard Line Canada from Boston Mar. 4th to Liverpool arriving Mar. 15th, red London Paid (3.16.63) transit cds ties stamps; reduced slightly at right, Very Fine.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

James Monroe (1821-1898) was the U.S. Consul to Rio de Janeiro (1863-69) and later U.S. Representative from Ohio (1871-79).

Realized: $2,700

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Lot 1074    

1863 (May 1) Oberlin Oh. to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, cover addressed to James Monroe, U.S. Consul, Rio Janeiro, Brazil and bearing 3¢ rose (65) and 30¢ orange (71), tied by "Oberlin O. May 1" duplex with circular grids for the 33¢ French Mail packet rate, red "N. York Am. Pkt. 'Paid' May 9" exchange cds and magenta "24" cent credit rating, carried by Inman Line Glasgow from New York May 9th to Liverpool arriving May 23rd, red Calais (5.24.63) transit cds ties 3¢ and small "PD" framed handstamp; stamps with small perf flaws from edge placement, Very Fine.
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.


Realized: $1,600

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Lot 1075    

1858 (Mar. 5) San Francisco, Cal. to Santiago, Chile, yellow cover bearing four 10¢ green (35) singles, pos. 2L1, 3L1, 4L1, 5L1, tied by two strikes of "San Francisco Cal. May 5, 1858" cds, endorsed per "Don", Chilean red "15" in circle due rating for inland postage due, apparently overpaid 6¢ for the 34¢ per ½ oz. American packet rate to Panama, thence by British packet to Chile; couple stamp flaws including left stamp faulty, F.-V.F.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

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Lot 1076    

1860 (Feb. 17) Bloomsburg Pa. to Quito, Ecuador, blue folded letter addressed to Charles R. Buckalew, U.S. Minister at Quito in care of U.S. Consul at Guyaquil, bearing 10¢ green, type III (33) and two 12¢ black (36) singles, tied by partial "Bloomsburg Pa. Feb 17" and additional strikes of rim, New York red "24" cent credit handstamp, Panama (2.29.1860) transit cds; small stamp flaws, a Very Fine use at the 34¢ American packet rate via Panama, thence British packet to Ecuador.
Estimate    $1,500 - 2,000.


Realized: $1,050

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Lot 1077    

1857 (c., Jan. 28) Providence R.I. to Callao, Peru, blue lined cover bearing 10¢ green, type II (14) pair and 12¢ black (17) pair with right sheet margin, cancelled by light strikes of red circular grids, large manuscript "2" signifying double weight and endorsed "with 3 papers" at bottom left, New York manuscript "24" cent credit rating, reverse with "Forwarded by Crosby & Co., Callao, Peru" oval forwarders handstamp and indistinct blue arrival cds; no flap, small stamp and cover flaws incl. tear at left, Fine.
Estimate    $2,000 - 3,000.


Prepaid at double the 22¢ per ½ oz. rate by American packet to Panama, then by British packet to Peru effective December 1, 1856 to September 30, 1864.

Realized: $2,600

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Lot 1078    

1859 (Aug. 2) Dedham Mass. to Callao, Peru, cover addressed its Capt. of Ship Imperial in care of Crosby & Co., bearing 3¢ dull red (26) and 10¢ green, type II (32) pair, grid cancels with matching "Dedham Mass Aug 2" cds at bottom, New York red "12" credit handstamp, Panama (8.17.1859) transit double-arc datestamp, "Forwarded by Crosby & Co., Callao, Peru" oval forwarders handstamp; reduced slightly at right, left 10¢ couple perf flaws, F.-V.F., an interesting use with the Crosby forwarder's oval; with 1988 P.F. certificate.
Estimate    $300 - 400.

Realized: $425

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Lot 1079    

1863 (Dec. 30) Montevideo, Uruguay to New York N.Y., oval origin postmark on blue folded Lanman & Kemp correspondence letter endorsed "via Southampton, p. Steamer", carried by RMSP Magdalena to Southampton, red "London, FE - 4 64" transit backstamp and manuscript "48" cent debit rating, then by Hapag Line Hammonia from Southampton Feb. 10th to New York arriving at Feb. 25th, "N. York. Am. Pkt. 26 Feb" exchange cds with matching "90" cent due rating and "U.S. Notes / 138" two-line depreciated currency handstamp, Very Fine, Carried on the Final Voyage of Hapag Line Hammonia.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

This was rated at double the 45¢ rate for 90¢ due in coin, or $1.38 due in depreciated greenback currency.

Realized: $525

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Lots 1072-1079

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