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Sale 78: The Westpex Sale

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Canada (Newfoundland) to New Guinea

Lots 143-152 Lots 153-162

Lot 143 o   

Newfoundland, 1865, 5¢ brown on yellowish, light segmented cork cancel, exceptional centering amid beautifully balanced margins, strong color, an Extremely Fine gem, a lovely choice used stamp; with 2005 Sismondo and 2007 V.G. Greene certificates.
Scott No. 25    $375.

Realized: $550

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Lot 144 P   

Canada, 1851, Queen Victoria, 12d black, trial color large die proof on India, large margins, strong impression on bright paper, fresh and Very Fine. Scott No. 3TC.
Unitrade No. 3TC    C$8,500 ($6,630).


The "Scar" die proofs show a "scar" in the CE of PENCE. All are rare, but black examples are particularly desirable.

Realized: $3,750

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Lot 145    

Canada, 1855, Prince Albert, 6d slate gray, in combination with 1852, 3d red slightly overlapping on 1857 folded letter sheet to Quebec, tied by "21" in target handstamps with matching "Montreal, L.C., Sp 5, 1857" cds below, partial receiving backstamp; couple file folds affecting 3d and cover refolded with sideflap missing at left, Very Fine appearance.
Scott No. 5+4    Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.


Realized: $1,150

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Lot 146    

Canada, 1881 Esquimalt, B.C. to Melbourne, Australia, cover endorsed "Via San Francisco" and franked with Canada 1876, 5¢ slate green, horizontal strip of three, tied by segmented cork handstamps with matching light "Esquimalt, Brit. Col., Ja 7, 81" origin cds, reverse with all proper transit markings; stamps with a few short perfs at top, Very Fine.
Scott No. Canada 38    Estimate $250 - 350.

Realized: $375

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Lot 147    

Cook Islands, 1892, First Issue, 1d black, white paper, in combination with 1892, First Issue, 10d carmine, toned paper, horizontal pair on legal size registered cover to W.A. Cooper in the Foreign Mail Dept. at the post office in San Francisco, Cal., tied by purple "Cook Islands, Rarotonga, P.O." circular handstamps, "Rarotonga, 6 Fe, 93" origin date stamp and Auckland registry transit, purple circular Government of the Cook Islands cachet handstamp on front and reverse, purple "Received in Bad Condition at San Francisco, Cal." handstamp below stamps; cover tears and edge nicks, F.-V.F. for this, a rare registry usage of first issues.
SG No. 1+4    Estimate $750 - 1,000.

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Lot 148    

Falkland Islands, 1878 London, England to Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, folded letter franked with G.B. 1873, 6d gray (S.G. 147) and tied by "London, E.C., No 22, 78" cds and bar duplex, bold red "1d" London handstamp showing a 1 pence "Colonial" fee due the Falkland Islands, discernible "Falkland Islands" post office receiving date stamp at center (Barnes F.1), Very Fine.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

This letter likely left Southampton November 27, 1878 on the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company "Tamar", arriving at Montevideo on December 27, 1878. The Falkland Islands Company branch packet schooner was likely the "Black Hawk", arriving in Port Stanley on February 9, 1879. The addressee, J. Gerard, was the American Consul in Port Stanley at the time.

Realized: $750

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Lot 149    

Falkland Islands, 1923, King George V, 2d deep brown purple, horizontal pair, tied by "Falkland Islands, 16 Sp" cds (Barnes F.4F) on 1927 formula registered entire to New York, N.Y., Stanley registry etiquette and London transit, receiving backstamps, Very Fine. Scott No. 43.
SG No. 75    Estimate $150 - 200.

The foreign letter rate was 2½d for the first ounce and 1½d for each additional ounce. The registry fee was 3d. Assuming this was a double weight letter, for a total of 4d with the 3d registry fee paid in coin.

Complete Images.

Realized: $180

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Lot 150    

Falkland Islands, 1933, Centenary, 5s black & yellow, full o.g., attractively centered, bright colors, Very Fine. Scott No. 74.
SG No. 136    £950 ($1,310).

Realized: $400

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Lot 151 o   

Fiji, 1870, Times Express, 1s black on rose, quadrillé paper, manuscript "#" cancel, full nicely balanced margins, Very Fine and choice, seldom seen in sound condition. Scott No. 5.
SG No. 4    £2,500 ($3,450).

Realized: $2,100

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Lot 152    

Fiji, 1893, Canoe, 5d ultramarine, perf 11¼, bottom margin block of 12, o.g., never hinged, choice overall centering, strong color, faint gum wrinkle affecting three stamp at top, otherwise Extremely Fine, a very rare multiple, especially so in never hinged condition, ex-Robertson. Scott No. 58 var.
SG No. 91    £2,040 for hinged singles ($2,820).

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Lots 143-152 Lots 153-162

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