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Sale 37: The Westpex Sale

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Feldman Collection of Atlantic Mails - Other Lines & Important Covers 1843-1856

Lots 2667-2676 Lots 2677-2686 Lots 2687-2696 Lots 2697-2700

Lot 2667    

British Consular Office, Boston. Red straight line handstamp struck on entire dated "8th December 1843" to Dublin and cross written on a used Mourning sheet originating in Kingston (Jamaica) 5th October 1843. The senders location is not shown. Carried by Cunard Line?s "Acadia", Boston December 16th - Liverpool December 30th, 1843, The Consul put the letter directly onto the Acadia which left Boston December 16th arriving Liverpool December 30th 1843 making this a late use of the Consular stamp. At Liverpool the standard packet rate of 1 Shilling was applied with the "AMERICA / L" struck on reverse. At Dublin that offices arrival stamp for December 31st was applied., Very Fine.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

When Britain introduced its West India service with a branch line to the US in 1842 it also tried to establish consular offices in Boston, Charleston, Mobile, New Orleans, and New York. The American Postmaster General became aware of the breach of Sovereignty and by early 1844 had these offices closed.

The office at Boston is recorded as using a straight line "BOSTON" handstamp from 2nd December 1842.

Realized: $1,700

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Lot 2668    

Steamship Great Britain in 1846, Freight Money Letter. Wrapper posted at Richmond, Virginia on 29th July 1846 addressed to Rothschild in London and endorsed "Per Grt Britain from New York 1st August"., Very Fine.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

Separate US rates
US Inland stamped "10" 10c
Freight Money rate Manuscript "25" 25c
Total US charges paid 35c
British rate
Ship Letter rate 8d.
The manuscript Freight Money charge was applied to the reverse of the letter.

Realized: $2,100

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Lot 2669    

Cunard Line Steamship "Cambria" Beached Voyage, Liverpool April 19th - Beached at Truro May 2nd 1846. Wrapper file noted "Marseilles March 25 and April 11. 1846 (Duplicate)" and endorsed on reverse "Forwarded by Fordati, Coxhead & Co. London 18 April / 46" (Rowe rarity 1). Put into the Lombard Street PO paid to Boston 1/- in cash. Carried by the Cambria and removed from the beached vessel at Truro on May 2nd. On arrival at Boston struck with that offices "SHIP / 6" handstamp for 6 cents delivered within Boston. Atlantic Transit 13 days to beaching, Very Fine.
Estimate    $150 - 200.

On the "Cambria?s" 8th crossing to Boston leaving Liverpool on April 19th 1846 the 1,432 gross ton vessel was accidentally beached at Truro, Cape Cod on May 2nd 1846. The mails were landed and taken by an ox team drawn wagon to Plymouth to be put on rail cars for Boston.

Realized: $475

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Lot 2670    

Steamship "Sarah Sands" Maiden Voyage. Entire date "Havre January 13th 1847" with blue William Slade/Havre forwarding cachet on reverse, manuscript "8"(d) paid at London as a Paid Ship Letter on January 19th, sent to Liverpool as endorsed "via New York per Sarah Sands", on arrival at New York struck with the "New York/Ship/7 cts" cds in red for the 2¢ ship fee & 5¢ inland postage to Massachusetts, Very Fine, One of only three recorded letters carried on the maiden voyage of the "Sarah Sands".
Estimate    $1,000 - 1,500.

The "Sarah Sands" of 1,400 tons was built for Sands & Company of Liverpool by James Hudson & Company, also of Liverpool as an iron screw propelled vessel and launched in September 1846. The maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York left on the 20th January 1847 and the Prices Current shown below traveled on that voyage.

Realized: $3,750

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Lot 2671    

Steamship "Sarah Sands" Maiden Voyage. Annual Prices Current of the leather and hide factors Thomas, James & Thomas Powell dated "London 6th January, 1847" and addressed to New York and put into the post at London on 19th January 1847. Sent as a paid ship letter and endorsed "per Sarah Sands" to arrive at Liverpool for that ships sailing on the 20th January. On arrival at New York manuscript endorsed "6" being the fee for a ship letter delivered at the port of arrival; light staining, otherwise Very Fine, One of only three recorded letters carried on the maiden voyage of the "Sarah Sands".
Estimate    $500 - 750.

Although Sands & Company built her for the Atlantic trade she proved too slow and was sold to the Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company in 1850 arriving San Francisco 5th June. Sold on in July 1851 for service to Australia and sank near Bombay in 1858.

Realized: $500

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Lot 2672    

Hérout & de Handel Lines "Union" Last Completed Voyage, New York - Cherbourg, 30th September - 18th October 1847. Entire headlined "New York 30 Sept 1847" endorsed "p Union via Cherbourg" and addressed to Cognac. The exchange office appears to have been at Havre for all the Cherbourg arrivals and the letter bears the Havre arrival stamp of the 20th October, two days after the Union docked at Cherbourg. Charged 18 decimes on arrival at Cognac on the 22nd October. The Union embarked from Havre on its third and final voyage on the 24th November 1847 but sustained severe storm damage and returned to Cherbourg on the 1st December; light toning along file fold, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

Realized: $450

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Lot 2673    

Wurttemberg to New York 1849, Partial "Amerika" straightline on reverse and Bremen Transit. Red New York "Advertised 4 cts" (advertised 4 times), rated 33 cents due (24 cents Bremen rate + 5 cents inland + 4 cents advertised) and returned to Tubingen; slight soiling and couple small cover tears at top, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate    $200 - 300.

Realized: $160

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Lot 2674    

Collins Line First Contract Voyage, Atlantic, Maiden Westbound Voyage, Liverpool May 29th - New York June 9th 1850. Two covers; Entire dated "Manchester May 28th 1850" and endorsed "per Atlantic US Steam Ship Liverpool" bearing on reverse Liverpool transit of 29th May. Charged double rate of 2 Shillings with Liverpool ""42 / CENTS"" accountancy stamp for credit to the US (2x16c sea postage plus 2x5c U.S. inland postage). Atlantic transit of 10 days

Collins Line Steamship Atlantic, Maiden & First Contract Voyage, New York - Liverpool April 27th - May 10th 1850, Entire dated "New York April 26 1850" to London prepaid double letter rate of 48 cents with 6 cents credit to Britain. Atlantic transit of 14 days., Very Fine.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Edward K. Collins was awarded a 10 year contract by the Secretary of the US Navy under the Foreign Mails Act of 1845. The first steamship to carry mails under the contract was the Atlantic leaving New York April 27th 1850.

Realized: $750

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Lot 2675    

Havre Line Steamer "Franklin", Maiden & First Contract Voyage, New York - Southampton - Havre 5th-18th October 1850. Entire dated "New York 1 October 1850" and charged double rate of 2 Shillings. 42 Cents credit departure stamp applied. The sender was aware of the new service and endorsed the letter "P Franklin Steamer via Southampton" Atlantic transit of 13 days., Very Fine.
Estimate    $750 - 1,000.

Realized: $850

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Lot 2676    

Cunard Line Maiden Voyage "Asia", Liverpool - Boston 18th - 28th May 1850. Entire dated "Liverpool 18 May 1850" and endorsed "P Asia" Prepaid 1 Shilling to receive the "PAID AT / LIVERPOOL / MY 18 1850" and "5 CENTS" credit to America stamp. Atlantic transit of 10 days, Very Fine.
Estimate    $400 - 600.

Realized: $375

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Lots 2667-2676 Lots 2677-2686 Lots 2687-2696 Lots 2697-2700

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